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The Importance of Role Models For Children

Children learn by imitating what they see. A role model can have a huge impact in a child’s life. Read below to better understand the importance of role models for children.

Serves As An Inspiration

One reason why role models are important for children is because a role model can motivate a toddler to dream big. A toddler who looks up to someone is encouraged to work harder and reach his dreams inspite of the obstructions he will face. Also, a toddler with good role models can help guide him reach his maximum potential in all aspects of his life. Often times, individuals who found success do so because they had a role model ever since they were a child who inspired them to do great things.

Boosts Academic Performance

Children who have positive role models feel more capable which helps them perform better in school as compared to children with no role models in their lives. Teachers and parents who stay involved in a toddler’s life teach the child the importance of education and that school is a secure place to express oneself. These role models also show that attending school allows a toddler to make friends and participate in activities which helps him enjoy school. Having a role model is important as it spurs children to enhance their knowledge by staying in school.

Teaches Role Expectations

Another importance of role models for children is that it teaches children about their roles in life and the behaviour expected of them. For instance, if you are respectful to people or you always throw your trash in the garbage can, your toddler will surely mimic your actions which helps your toddler learn the value of respect and love for Mother Nature.

Demonstrates Important Life Lessons

The toddler years are very important for teaching children essential life lessons. Remember that toddlers learn by observing the people around them. Having positive role models show toddlers how to handle a complex world. For example, parents can teach their children how to lend an ear, control anger, resolve problems, admire cultural differences, the importance of having good values and that everyone makes mistakes, but one should learn from them and strive to be better rather than give up and feel frustrated which are essential lessons he can pass along to future generations. Through a toddler’s role models, he is able to incur constructive personality traits that can help him succeed later in life.

Good For The Health

Having role models is also important in promoting healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle to children. For instance, eating nutritious foods, running, walking and playing with your child instead of sitting on the sidelines provide constructive pressure that will motivate your toddler to be fit and active unlike nagging him to be healthy which can only lead to rebellion and power struggle.

Helps Evade Risky Behaviour

A toddler with positive role models will protect him from bad influences. A loving family shelters a toddler from violence, provides self-control especially to children who are aggressive as well as keep them away from harmful things such as alcohol, drugs and other behaviour that can harm a toddler.

Boosts Self-esteem

Another importance of role models for children is that it develops a toddler’s self-esteem. Positive role models encourage children (especially children with certain facial characteristics) to appreciate their appearance rather than feel insecure because they do not look a certain way. In addition, having a role model teaches a toddler that there are more important things than looks and shallow things.

Having a good role model is very essential to toddler development. A role model can give a child a sense of security and comfort which helps safeguard a toddler from unhealthy behaviour as he grows up. As a parent, you are the best role model for your child so make sure you lead by example.

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