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The Preschool Visit - Six Signs of A Good Preschool

Once you are sure your toddler is now ready for preschool, the next step is to do your research in finding the best curriculum that blends well with your toddler’s needs and personality. You need to start as early as possible. Round up your area and list down your choices. After you have settled up on your preschool options, it is time to see your top picks in action.

Finding the best preschool for your toddler is not always easy. As surveys show, a good 50% of parents in the United States have difficulty selecting the best schools for their children. Hence, a preschool visit is always a helpful technique to help parents decide. Peeking inside the world of preschools provides you a solid basis on how proficient a certain school is.

Six Signs For A Good Preschool

Here are six signs you need to look for when visiting preschools.

Established Ground Rules

You know you have found a good preschool when the school has clear and well-defined written regulations from its operating hours to emergency procedures. The preschool must be flexible enough to adjust the drop off and pick up points of the students. Having a strict sick-child policy is also a good sign. The preschool must hold regular check-ups and immunizations. A school that promotes healthy eating habits and is keen on providing only nutritional meals and snacks show that it is taking its responsibilities seriously. Also, a good preschool will encourage you to visit anytime, requesting you to become a part of the community by asking for your assistance during field trips, school events and so on.

Trained and Sensitive Staff

Teachers and their assistants must be friendly, engaging and responsible. A good teacher will always ask you about your toddler’s condition, his likes and dislikes as well as your method of discipline. A good school must assign one teacher for every seven students. The staff must be busy and fully occupied with the students’ activities - helping toddlers complete their tasks instead of chatting with one another.

Clean and Child Friendly Environment

During your preschool visit, always keep an eye out for the school’s cleanliness. A good preschool must be hygienic and safe, one that meets the states’ licensing requirements. A good school must have an inviting and colorful setting that is divided into different areas (a study, play, eating, library and nap time area). A preschool building that is 100% child friendly secures your toddler, making him comfortable and safe helping him function well.

Controlled Disorder

Preschool is a time for toddlers to learn and play at the same time. A school must encourage the students to freely run around, explore, search and discover. Learning exercises must be incorporated with free play as well without pressuring toddlers to perform well. Hearing a cheery and excited buzz from toddlers is a sure-fire way to know that the preschool is good.

Excellent Preschool Program

A good preschool must have a curriculum that is composed of fun stimulating exercises. The school’s day to day activities must involve plenty of artworks, role paying, storytelling, physical activities and other educational programs. Also, a good preschool allows changes in its program to encourage toddlers to try out something new to increase the students’ development and skills.

Excited Response From Your Toddler

Finally, you know you have found the best preschool for your toddler when he is happy, excited and asking for more. Your toddler’s reaction and his eagerness towards the school is the most important sign you need to watch for. When he is thrilled to start, you are secure he will get all the proper development and education he needs.

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