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Tips For Buying The Best Toddler Car Seats

Your toddler’s safety is always number one on your list. One item that should be on top of your extensive list especially if you own a car should be a toddler car seat. Your little one is very precious that is why it is important that he travels securely. Thus, the task of choosing the perfect toddler car seat must not be taken lightly.

A toddler car seat is an essential child safety gear. It makes the travel bearable for the family and it provides comfort and security to your little one.

Toddler Car Seat Buying Tips

The best toddler car seats do not merely offer style but as well as comfort, function and safety. When buying your toddler’s car seat, think about these things:

Always Check Customer Reviews

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website provides a section that ranks toddler car seats based on four important features – assessment of instructions, assessment of labels, vehicle installation qualities and securing the toddler. Before visiting your local children’s store or searching online for car seats, always check the customer’s feedback first. This will give you a general idea of how efficient each brand of toddler car seat is.

Secure Your Toddler’s Height and Weight

Toddler car seats vary based on the height and weight of your toddler. If your toddler is still below the age of one, basic car seats are alright. But, if he is a little older, it is best to opt for the more high quality and modern toddler car seats. If your toddler’s weight is less than 20 pounds, a forward facing car seat is recommended until he weighs 40 pounds or when his ears are level with the car seat.

Know How Different Toddler Car Seats Function

Combination Car Seat

A more durable toddler car seat that accommodates the different height and weight changes of your toddler. It comes with a built-in-five-point harness ensuring your toddler is securely buckled in. This car seat can be used as a booster seat once your toddler reaches the maximum height and weight limit of the harness.

Convertible Car Seats

A convertible toddler car seat transitions with your toddler making it the best type of car seat. Rear facing car seats are best for infants to early toddlers (from 10 months to 18 months old) while forward facing car seats are for older toddlers (from 20 to 30 months old). These seats are constructed to offer comfort and security until your toddler is geared up to sit on the seat of the car by himself.

Belt Positioning Booster Car Seats

Best for toddlers from ages 4 and up and whose weight does not exceed 40 pounds. A belt positioning booster car seat must only be used forward facing. It improves your toddler’s sitting height making the shoulder belts fit more accurately. This toddler car seat includes a high-back, no back and base only style supporting your toddler’s head.

Preemie Car Seats

A type of small car bed that is specifically designed to accommodate toddlers with special needs (e.g. very small toddlers who cannot fit in standard car seats, toddlers who need to travel lying down due to a health condition, breathing problems and other physical conditions).

Prioritize Comfort and Function Over Style

Always buy a toddler car seat that is comfy and snug for your child, has comfortable padding’s, snug fit of straps and adequate space for the toddler to comfortably move.

Know Its Installation Process

Pick a car seat that is easy to install. Never go for modern car seats with a tricky installation process as this only adds the risk to your toddler’s safety. You know you correctly installed the car seat when it does not move more than an inch.

Buying a car seat for your toddler is like investing in an asset, it requires time and effort to guarantee safety and protection. In this way, the journey gets to be enjoyable for you and your little one.

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