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Tips For Buying Your Toddler’s Feeding Supplies

Now that your little one has grown older, he will need feeding supplies that will teach your toddler how to feed himself. Below are some feeding products your toddler should have.

High Chair

Beyond utensils, you will need a seat so your little can join in the family meals, you can eat your own meal and feed him at the same time and make cleaning up easier. It may be very tempting to feed your toddler on your lap, but having a seat where you can strap him in, walk away to get more food is just more practical. You do not need to buy a fancy high chair, just look for one with waist and crotch safety straps and a wide base to prevent tipping.

Small Spoon and Fork

Your toddler will need his own spoon and fork especially at this time when he wants to act like mommy and daddy and be a big boy. You can either go for a rubber tipped or plastic spoon and fork (although the latter is easier on his tender gums). Whatever you choose, make sure that they are PVC-free, temperature-safe and with soft handles designed for little hands to promote self-feeding skills.

Plastic Bowl

Your toddler will want a plastic bowl he can call his own. Buy a plastic bowl that is BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free in a bright color that is microwave-safe so you can reheat food easily and with a suction cup that attaches the bowl to the high chair tray to prevent the bowl from sliding off.

Sippy Cups

By now, your toddler is ready to try drinking from a cup. Prevent fluids from oozing out of his mouth by giving him a spill-proof sippy cup. A sippy cup has a valve that controls the flow of fluids. Look for one that is BPA-free and phthalate-free, with a silicone spout for easy transition from baby bottle to sippy cup and easy to grip handles.


Bibs come in the cutest colors and designs. Though there is nothing wrong with fashionable bibs, it is better to choose simple bibs that are easy to put on and off and easy to clean. Save the stylish bibs until your toddler has mastered self-feeding. Go for bibs that are big, washable, stain-resistant, with a pocket in the front (for catching drips) and Velcro fastening.

Placemat and Splat Mat

Buy placemats to put on your toddler’s high chair so you can simply wipe them and clean the high chair after every meal. A splat mat is a piece of plastic covering you put under the high chair to protect the floor from spills. Splat mats are available in different patterns and sizes. If you are on a budget, a beach towel, vinyl runner or an old tablecloth works just fine.

Food Warmer

A food warmer is a handy electric gadget with a thermostatic control that warms food quickly without burning them. It is also very portable so you can take it with you when you travel.

Food Mill and Processor

A hand-turned mill allows you to make food for your toddler by simply removing the metal turning mechanism, putting a bit of food into the grinder, replacing the device and turning it. Just a few turns and the food is crushed into tiny pieces, perfect for your toddler’s tiny mouth. A food processor is a more convenient device for making toddler food. It does not require liquid to move the particles around its blade. So just one touch of a button, your toddler’s food is ready.

Having these feeding supplies at hand helps your toddler master his self-feeding skill - a very important skill he should learn at an early age.

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