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Tips On Potty Training – Using Public Bathrooms

Toddlers not wanting to use public bathrooms is a common problem of parents. Luckily, parents can put an end to this crisis. Here are some tips on potty training toddlers in public.

Explain What Will Happen

Talk to your toddler beforehand. Explain what will happen when you are out, how restrooms will be different from the one at home and any worries you may have. Whenever you are out with your toddler, go to the bathroom so he can see you use a public restroom. This will make him realize that it is not a scary place after all. Tell your toddler that bathrooms in public places are okay, but he needs to be cautious. Point out all the objects he should not touch and use (e.g. cracked seat, unlocked cubicle, dirty walls and floor, etc.).

Doing this gives your toddler a chance to check things out sans the pressure or power struggle. He can familiarize himself with the environment. Familiarity brings about comfort, so it can make him less nervous about going to the public toilet.

Know Where The Restrooms Are

When you are out in public with your potty training toddler, always find out where the bathrooms are. This saves you some time when your toddler declares he needs to use the toilet since you do not have to ask or find the restrooms because you already know where they are located. This helps ease your own stress as well as your toddler’s, who is still trying to figure out when he really does have to “go”.

Bring An Insert or Potty Training Seat Covers

Make an strange place feel friendlier by bringing something from home. You can bring an insert to erase your toddler’s fear of falling into the toilet. However, bringing an insert each time you are out is inconvenient. Why not bring potty toilet seat covers instead. They provide a waterproof barrier between the toilet and your toddler and are big enough to offer maximum coverage by covering the sides and the front of the toilet. Plus, they are small enough to fit into your bag and you can just toss them in the trash bin after every use.

Prepare An “Oops” Bag

When you potty train your little one in public, you are more prone to accidents so be smart enough and pack extra things for your toddler such as an extra set of clothes, underwear, socks, baby wipes, small towel, pack of tissue and re-sealable plastic bags (for storing dirty things).

Go Somewhere Fun

What better way to ease your toddler’s anxiety of public bathrooms than by providing distraction. Choose child-friendly destinations when introducing public restrooms to your toddler. A very effective tip is to go to a toy store and let your toddler wander around until he has to use the restroom. His mind will be so focused on everything else that he will use the public bathroom and go back to checking all the toys after without a fuss or tear.

The most important thing about using public toilets with your potty training toddler is to be ready. Know what to anticipate and what actions you should do to make your trip as hassle-free as possible.

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