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Tips to Help Toddlers Easily Adjust With Step Parenting

Losing an important member of the family at such a tender age is already painful for toddlers. Having to adjust with a step parent makes it even more difficult. Feeling insecure and the loss of security in a new family is scary. However, this is a modern day reality everyone needs to face and deal with. As a parent, it is your responsibility to assure your toddler and make some adjustments to help your young one easily transition.

Step parenting is a normal challenge of family life. With a little effort and extra wisdom, step parenting can be blissful and effective making this new bond solid and strong.

How to Help Your Toddler Adjust

Recognize That There Is A Problem

In order for your toddler to understand the changes going on around him, you first have to acknowledge that he is confused and unhappy. After all, no child ever wants to see their parents separating. The best way to comfort your toddler is to have a calm and honest conversation. Assure him that he can express all his thoughts and feelings openly. Keep an open mind. Understand where your toddler is coming from. Be affectionate. Tell him that even if there is someone new, you are still his baby and that step parent will not replace daddy. This helps him be aware that certain changes must be made and accepted. Once tension has been cleared, you can be sure his mind is free from worries.

Keep It Casual

Even though you have talked about it, it is never a good idea to push your toddler. Remember, he has his freedom and the right to be sensitive with the idea of having a step parent. It is best to not let that certain someone jump in for the mean time. Letting that someone try too hard to win him over will only make your toddler retreat. Not exerting any effort will also make your toddler think that he is unwanted. Be civil about it. Let nature take its own course.

Allow A Get-to Know Time

To ease out your toddler’s wariness, it is imperative to allow adequate time for your toddler to get to know the step-parent to be. Focus on their mutual interests. As much as possible, present them with opportunities to meet on their own terms. Start off with a walk in the park or a home visit perhaps. An out of town trip during the weekend also helps your toddler welcome his step-parent to be more cordially. See to it that you include your child during you and your special someone’s quality time. In this way, your little one is able to process this new phase in his life with ease.

Hold A Bonding Date With Your Toddler

Going out together with his step-parent to be can be fun, but, never forget quality time with your toddler. This gives him assurance that everything is okay and that he has nothing to fear. Do simple things he likes together. A stroll in the park, playing catch in the backyard, a visit to the mall or dining in his favorite diner are effective ways to assert his special place in your life.

Surround Him With Loved Ones

Enclosing your toddler with people who are dear to his heart will help him adjust comfortably. An older sibling, uncle or grandmother can guide your toddler to understand this change. Finding someone compassionate and wise to talk to can widen your toddler’s perspective.

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