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Toddler Clothes For Starting Preschool

It is not enough that you know your toddler’s school dress code. You also have to consider what type of clothes your preschooler really needs. Here are some suggestions of toddler clothes that can ensure a happy and secure preschooler.

Season-appropriate Clothing

Shorts when it is 60 degrees? Jackets in the summer? A toddler wearing inappropriate clothes will not be able to function well in school if the preschooler is feeling too hot or cold. To avoid this, always be updated with the seasons and weather forecasts (check it every evening). For warmer climates, dress your toddler in shorts and lightweight tank tops. For colder climates, have your child wear pants and a long-sleeved top.

Easy To Manage Clothes

Forget overalls, suspenders, tights and button closure pants. They may be fashionable and will make your toddler look more adorable, but these types of toddler clothes do not encourage independent dressing. Opt for “dash and go” clothing (e.g. pants with garterized waistbands) instead. Preschoolers should be capable of dressing and undressing themselves to make their experiences using the restroom successful. These clothes also prevent embarrassing accidents from happening.

Comfortable Clothes

Because preschoolers are always in action, they need clothes that will allow them to move freely and comfortably inside and out. Always go for school clothes that are loose-fitting, lightweight and made from breathable fabrics such as cotton. Cotton is durable and absorbent which keeps moisture away from the body so toddlers can stay fresh all day.

Easy To Care Clothes

Most of the time, preschoolers will come home with stained clothes which can make a parent’s life more difficult. To minimize your work, look for school clothes that are machine washable. This way, you can just toss them in the washing machine, add laundry detergent to remove stains, hang them dry and your toddler’s clothes are looking clean and new once again.


Most teachers’ advice preschoolers to bring a jacket with them to school regardless if it is summer or winter season. Jackets will come in handy in case of unexpected climate changes or if the air conditioning in your toddler’s room makes your little one shiver. Place a zip jacket with a hood in a plastic resealable bag (do not forget to write your toddler’s name on it) in your toddler’s cubby or inside your child’s bag.

Forget Ruffles, Sequins, Laces and Other Embellishments

It is common for parents to dress their little girls in frilly clothes. Sure, they look cute, but wearing this kind of clothes in school is very dangerous. Your toddler’s classmates can step on the embellishments and they can snag on playground machines while your preschooler is playing causing your child to trip or fall.

Leather or Canvas Shoes

Avoid boots, flip flops and sandals. Sneakers or tennis shoes (for little boys) and mary janes (for little girls) will allow a preschooler’s toes to move freely without trouble so the feet can stay comfy all day long. Look for shoes that are easy to put on and remove and those with shoelaces or Velcro fasteners.

When dressing preschoolers, always prioritize comfort and function so toddlers can move unrestrained and perform their best in school.

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