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Toddler Cold Prevention Tips

Common cold is one of the most widespread childhood illnesses. Catching a cold is no fun. Here are some toddler cold prevention tips to help you protect your toddler.

Wash Your Hands

This is the most important cold prevention tip. Encourage your toddler to wash his hands often especially after playing, after using the bathroom, before meals and each time he gets his hands dirty. Have him wash his hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds or while singing “Happy Birthday”. Make sure you keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer handy in case soap and water are unavailable.

Cover Your Nose and Mouth

Millions of germs are expelled in the air when a person sneezes. Thus, it is very important that you teach your little one to cover his nose and mouth when sneezing. Have him use his elbow or sneeze into a tissue.


Limit your toddler’s intake of sugary and caffeinated beverages such as soda and iced tea. These drinks can deplete calcium (the most abundant mineral in the body) and weaken the immune system, making your toddler more susceptible to catching a cold. Make sure your toddler drinks at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Fluids, particularly water, helps flush out toxins in the body.

Eat and Sleep Well

See to it your toddler is eating a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. They are loaded with nutrients that help strengthen the immune system. Health experts recommend children to consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Getting plenty of sleep is also effective in preventing colds. Sleep can boost your child’s immunity to help fight-off cold viruses.

Get Fit

Exercising builds up immune cells in the body so encourage your toddler to be active. Walking around the neighbourhood, playing physically demanding games and riding a bike for 30 minutes every day can effectively boost immunity. Plus, exercise is also beneficial for your toddler’s overall health.

Bundle Up

Keep your little one dry and warm, especially during cold season. Your toddler can catch a cold from getting chilled. Pick clothes made of polyester to keep moisture off the skin. Dress him in a second layer of clothing such as a sweatshirt, fleece jacket, socks, hat, mittens and closed shoes or snow boots.

Avoid Sharing Personal Items

Give your toddler his own cup, spoon and fork, plate, toothpaste and the likes. This will protect your child from getting the virus if someone in your family has a cold.

Clean Your Home

Rhinovirus (virus that leads to common cold) can live up to 3 hours on surfaces. Hence, you should make it a point to clean your home regularly. Use a sanitizing spray to disinfect high-germ items such as doorknobs, countertops, toothbrush holder, bathroom faucet handle and other commonly used household items.

Limit Exposure

Keep your toddler away from people who are sick, including yourself. Kissing and touching the eyes, nose or mouth after being around an individual with a cold are the fastest way to transmit cold viruses.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. Common cold is very contagious and can be dangerous. Thus, it is best for you to take preventive measures to keep your toddler cold-free and healthy.

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