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Toddler High Chair Buying Tips

Choosing the perfect high chair for your toddler is an imperative task. After all, your toddler will spend the first few years of his life sitting on it. Today’s high chairs are more modern and sleek. They come in different colors and designs as well. When purchasing a high chair for your toddler, keep these tips in mind.

Know Which Type of High Chair You Need

If your dining and kitchen area has limited space, buying a full-size high chair would be impractical. For convenience, opt for a small high chair (e.g. European style feeding chairs or hook-on chairs) that folds easily for storage. However, if space is not a concern and you want to use the high chair for many years, consider buying a pricier chair (e.g. booster seats or a full-fledged chair) with features to accommodate your developing toddler.

Look For Stability

Plastic, metal and wood are the three popular options in high chair materials. Plastic seats are easy to clean up. Metal chairs are very durable while wood high chairs are sturdy and can blend in with your kitchen’s decor. A good high chair must have a wide base and a low center of gravity. Also, look for a chair that includes a solid post in the center of the seat. This post which rests between your toddler’s thighs while he is seated will prevent your little one from sliding out of the chair and hurting himself. Test out chairs by giving them a good shake to see whether or not it easily tips over a squirming child.

Check Safety Features

A dependable high chair should have:

  • Harnesses – Adequate safety straps are a must in every toddler seat. Check the belts for security. Make sure they are resilient, sturdy and washable. Shoulder straps should be present for your toddler to use when he cannot sit up. Waist and crotch straps are also necessary to keep your toddler firmly in place especially his lower body.
  • Wheels With Locking Mechanisms – A high chair with wheels makes it easy to maneuver your toddler from place to place. However, it must also have strong locks and an anti-skid device to prevent accidents.
  • Built-in Bells and Toys – Although optional, these adorable features help keep your toddler entertained while you are preparing his food. At the same time, its jiggling sounds serve as your warning device in case your toddler tries to go down the chair.
  • Height Adjustment and Recline – High chairs with height adjustment is good for long-term use. The recline feature serves as the perfect make-shift bed in case your toddler falls asleep after taking his meals.
  • Plush Cushions – Stains can make a high chair’s cushion very dirty. Choose a chair that is easy to clean, one that can last wear and tear. Look for detachable cushions that can be hand or machine washed. To save you time, go for vinyl covered cushions. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and it is good as new.
  • Easy to Use Tray – Trays come in adjustable designs. Look for a high chair with a removable tray. A dishwasher safe tray is handy. Make sure it does not slide out easily. Inspect any cracks, hinges and sharp edges that can harm your toddler.

Make Sure It Is Portable

It is best to select a high chair that also converts into a booster or hook-on seat. You can simply stow it when not in use. Not only is it convenient for your house but it also serves as the perfect travel companion. You no longer have to buy different high chairs for home use and travel use.

Mia Moda Alto Highchair in Blue

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