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Toddler Medicines – Ways To Make Your Toddler Drink Medicine

Toddler medicines taste icky and bitter, no wonder why toddlers detest it. But, no matter how many protests and pleas children make, they still have to take it. The following are some effective tips that will get toddlers to drink medicine.

Make It More Appetizing

If your pediatrician gives you the go signal, combine medicine with sweet tasting food and drink to make it more palatable. This is a very effective approach to camouflage the bitterness. Mix medicine into a small amount of apple juice, white grape juice, cherry-flavored syrup, ice cream or yogurt. But, do keep in mind that if you mix the medicine into something else, your toddler has to eat or drink the entire thing in order to get the full dosage.

Make It Fun

Even if you feel guilty about forcing your little one to drink something he hates, you have to smile, be cheerful and be matter of fact about it. Sway the medicine spoon up in the air and mimic the sound of an airplane as the spoon comes near your toddler’s mouth. Pretend to give the medicine to his favorite stuffed animal. Better yet, pass the medicine spoon around and pretend to take a sip. It will make him want what you are having.

Try A Different Form

Ask your toddler’s pediatrician for alternative forms. Most often, delivery can make all the difference. Try offering the medication in a medicine dropper or a small cap
(with the exact measurements). Use a plastic syringe (without the needle) so you can spray the medicine straight into the back of his mouth.

In addition, you can also try giving your toddler small doses of medicine for several minutes instead of giving it all at once. It may be easier to swallow if he does not have to drink it all in one gulp. Ask if the medicine is available in chewable or suppository form, paper strips (melts on the tongue) or in a less concentrated dosage.

Avoid The Taste Buds

The idea is to avoid the bitter taste buds (front and center of the tongue) and place the medicine on the back of the tongue. You can also try placing it between the back gum and the inside of his cheek where it will easily glide down his throat avoiding contact with the bitter taste buds.

Give A Reward

Sometimes, all it takes for your toddler to take the medicine is by offering a prize. Give your toddler a piece of paper and some stickers. Let him attach a sticker each time he swallows a dose and give him your word that once he gets five stickers, he will receive a small but special award (e.g. his favorite food, favorite game, a new toy, etc.) for taking his medicine.

Be Firm

Your reaction can greatly affect how your toddler responds to medicine. If you try to get your toddler to drink medicine with a scowl on your face, he will sense that something unpleasant is about to take place. Be straightforward because once he sees you have doubts, it will make him think that it is okay to resist.

Medicines will never be yummy. But with a little ingenuity, you can get your toddler to take his medicine.

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