Toddler Safety Gears to Use Outdoors

Buying the right safety gears for your toddler secures your child safe play at all times. With the help of these tools, your toddler not only gets to enjoy outdoor play but you also get peace of mind.

Child Safety Glasses

Make sure to protect your toddler’s precious eyes with child safety glasses. Even in a safe environment, accidents can still occur especially since toddlers love to move around making them prone to injuries. Only buy safety glasses that complements your toddler’s face shape. A good fit is also a must. You can choose from the following brands:

1.) Sellstrom

A popular brand of adult and children’s safety glasses, Sellstrom glasses are safe and can be used both indoor and outdoor. All Sellstrom safety glasses have met ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z87. 1-2003 and ANSI + High Impact Standards. Their best selling glasses include:

Dyno-Mites Child Safety Glasses

  • Patterned to fit an infant and a toddler’s small face
  • The frame-less design makes your kids forget he is wearing protective eyewear
  • The clear lens (adjustable) and nose piece does not impede your toddler’s view
  • Comes in fun colors

2.) Radians

A brand offering a full line of quality safety gears. Radians is the perfect brand to mix convenience and style with its modern design and top of the line safety features.

G4 JUNIOR Child Safety Glass

  • Has a 5 position extending temples with telescoping earpieces for a snug fit
  • With integral side guards
  • Features an extended brow shield guard for maximum security
  • Available in clear lens and amber and smoke colored lens

3.) Remington

Remington safety glasses were manufactured in ISO (International Organization For Standardization) certified facilities. These glasses are proven to be comfortable, safe and of top-notch quality. This brand has also passed the ANSI standard conditions.

Remington T-10 True Jr. Child Safety Glasses

  • Fits toddlers with small face shapes
  • Provides enhanced comfort and style all at the same time
  • Has an anti-fog lens for clear view 24/7
  • Available in clear lens and amber and silver tinted lens

Child Hard Hats and Helmets

Helmets are one of the most important toddler safety gears. Ride-on toys like bikes, motors, scooters and other outdoor toy vehicles require head protection. Hard hats and helmets should not be one size bigger than your toddler’s head. It must have a secure fit. Sides must not twist and a strap must be present to make sure the helmet is completely fastened to your toddler’s head at all times. Padding should also be present to safeguard your toddler’s head in case he loses balance and falls down his vehicle.


The global leader in producing stylish safety products that ensure health and protection, they offer child hard hats that are modern yet functional at a very affordable price.

Child Safety Hard Hat

  • OSHA approved hard hats
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fits toddlers with small heads
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Provides maximum head protection with its hard-shell material
  • Available in colors blue, orange, white and yellow


The Giro brand is the pioneer company that creates, produces and sells protective bike helmets.

Giro Me2

  • Has good collision absorption
  • Anti roll-off
  • Features a retention and adjustable fit system
  • Soft buckles that will not pinch your toddler’s sensitive skin
  • Comes in colors yellow, pink, red and blue

 Child Safety Goggles

Your toddler is still too young to swim. To protect your little one’s eyes from the swimming pool filled with chlorine water, using child safety goggles eliminate the risk of eye infection so your toddler can have a stress-free time paddling and squealing with delight.

Sellstrom’s Child Safety Goggles

  • Can fit toddlers with small faces
  • Very lightweight, ensuring a comfortable fit even when used for hours
  • Has anti-fog green colored PVC and UV absorbing polycarbonate lens
  • Modifiable head strap
  • Allows easy and natural air flow

Knee Pads

Knee and elbow pads are one of the most basic necessities for outdoor play. Toddler pads help minimize the injuries caused by a bike fall. Since they are securely padded, it absorbs the shock of a fall, so instead of getting sprains or worse broken bones, your toddler will only get minor scalds, bruises or nothing at all.

Razor Multi-Sport Protective Child Pad Set

  • Knee pads with extra cushion support for elbows and knees, absorbs sweat
  • With full stretchy sleeves to align pads
  • Made of hard plastic gliding caps for averting shock
  • Hook and loop belts
  • Has riveted caps for stability

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