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Toddler Sleep Mistakes You Should Avoid

Getting your toddler to sleep is a challenging job. Thus, you tend to look for ways to help make it easier. There are common toddler sleep mistakes many parents make. Read on to find out if you are doing them so you can change and correct your actions.

Mistake # 1: Sleeping late.

Admit it, making your toddler sleep at night is a tug of war. Recent studies have shown that children today get less sleep as compared to children in the 90’s. A toddler’s body gets over fatigued easily no matter how bubbly and energetic he may seem. Your toddler’s body is still immature, hence, getting a lot of hours of sleep is very essential. Do not put off bedtime to avoid battles or hope that your little one will fall asleep without any intervention. This will only make your toddler exhausted which will make sleeping even harder.

Plan his day accordingly. Do physically demanding activities in the morning and reserve relaxing activities in the afternoon. This will help prepare his body for the night to come. Set a time for sleeping (naptime and bedtime) and stick to it. Do not wait until your toddler is rubbing his eyes, yawning or whining. Put him to bed an hour before his bedtime. Read a story book or talk about your day. This will help him slow down.

Mistake # 2: No bedtime routine.

You think your little one may not need it but consistency is very important to toddlers. They need to know what to expect and what to do next, otherwise, they will do as they please. Having a series of peaceful, pleasing activities before switching the lights off is imperative. A bedtime routine serves as a sleep clue that will help your toddler wind down. This might mean giving him a bath, changing into pajamas, talking, cuddling, reading a story and a hug and kiss. Do this in the same order, the same space and at the same time each night.

Mistake # 3: Inconsistent Sleeping Area

This is a common sleep mistake parents are guilty of. Allowing your toddler to sleep in your bed or crawl into bed with you every time he wakes up in the middle of the night teaches your child to stay awake or worse, turn your bed into a “family bed”.

Doing this is okay especially when you have to comfort your toddler after he has had a terrible nightmare. But, once he has settled down, bring him back to his room so as not to intercept the routine.

Mistake # 4: Relying on strollers, car seats and swings.

Using motion to get your toddler to sleep is not beneficial. The constant motion decreases quality of sleep and keeps him stimulated instead of attaining deeper levels of sleep which toddlers need.

You may use these gears to calm your toddler after a busy day. Once he has fallen asleep, turn off the swing and keep the stroller motionless.

Mistake # 5: Over stimulation.

What you surround your toddler can affect his sleep. Noise, lights and toys can cause distraction which will only keep him wide awake. Maximize sleep by keeping his room as dark and noise-free as possible. Use a nightlight to keep his fears at bay when he wakes up in the middle of the night.

Sleep plays a big factor to your toddler’s development. So it is essential that you make sure you steer clear from these sleep mistakes to ensure your toddler gets all the shut-eye he needs.

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