Understanding Your Boy’s Toddler Development Milestones

As a parent, expect to learn over and over again. You think you may know everything there is to know about parenthood or with your child, but the truth is - every day is a surprise. You stumble upon something that leaves you completely clueless. Such is the case of raising a boy. Having an adorable toddler gives absolute happiness, as a baby you may have not encounter any difficulties raising him. But what happens when he starts to grow up and develop? How do you deal with it?

Generally speaking, it is a fact that girls mature faster than boys. Maybe this is the reason why it is easier to raise young girls than boys. Boys will always be boys and understanding the toddler development of little boys require more effort. They have their own ways so parents must be extra patient in order to communicate with them well.

A Boy’s Toddler Development Stages

Toddler development milestones of a boy is not really focused on the physical aspect but more on the emotional, intellectual, motor and social aspects. That is why, you have to spend more time with your little tyke to understand and relate to him better.


During this phase you might figure out that your boy perspires more than girls since boys are generally more hyperactive and plays rough games. Aside from that, haircut is also a necessity since little boys are not expected to grow long manes. Another physical milestone your boy goes through is the building of muscles. At an early age, maybe between ages 4 to 6, your child’s muscles will slowly form. Legs, limbs and stomach become more firm due to the running and other physical activities he does. He tends to eat more meals in a day since his metabolism is fast due to the rigorous games he plays. Circumcision also happens depending on what age the parents want the boy to be circumcised.


When your toddler reaches 12 to 24 months, expect him to be very involved with physical activities. Usually, he is more interested in drawing or tinkering with objects. For example he may tend to destroy the parts of his toy car and then reassemble them back, assemble his building blocks or slide on his own. By three years, he can dress and undress himself.


Your toddler may have a short attention span, thus, he may get bored easily with his toys or with routine activities. Concentration can be a problem as well especially when he starts going to school. His mind may wander around, prefer to talk with his seatmates or mess around. This is a normal condition for your little boy so disciplining him is required. However, scolding or hitting him whenever he is wrong is not helpful. It will only encourage him to do foolish actions. Instead, talk to him in a calm yet authoritative manner. This allows him to open up allowing you both to communicate freely while maintaining the respect.


Your child’s personality starts to form during his toddler stage. He can be an introvert or an extrovert or he can be a bully. Guiding your boy in molding his personality can help him a lot in filtering the positive and negative traits of the people around him. Boys can be bullies so assist him along the way. Teach him what is right from wrong but also allow him to make mistakes and fix them on his own.


Friendship is a big word for boys. As your little boy grows, he carries out his friends as well. There is no gossip, tattling and meanness. There is no drama involved. So when your boy gets into a fight expect a punch, wrestle or tumbling in the ground to happen and then five minutes later they will be friends again. Everything is cleared out. However, there are some cases where your toddler may become too violent or hot-headed. Address this immediately and point out why it is wrong. If you think he needs professional help, then go and see a doctor.

As your little tot grows, it is also expected for you to build your toddler’s self-esteem as this conveys that he is worthy of your love. For mothers, being a role model to your child is important as this allows him to learn how to treat a woman rightfully. While boys are prone to hide their feelings, they still need all the affection, attention and care from their parents.

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