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Ways To Avoid Spoiling A Child

Honestly speaking, spoiling a child is easier than keeping him grounded. This is because most parents confuse love with happiness. However, a spoiled child will grow disobedient, insensitive and manipulative. Here are some ways to avoid raising a spoiled child.

Set Clear Limits

Set rules and be clear about it. For instance, if your toddler is only allowed to eat one scoop of ice cream, instead of saying “Okay, you can eat ice cream.” which makes your toddler think that he can ask for a second one, say “You can only have one scoop of ice cream.”.

Be Firm

When you set limits, make sure you adhere to it. When your toddler makes pleas so you will buy him a toy even if you just bought him one last week, do not comply. Do not feel obligated, guilty or think of yourself as a bad parent when your toddler cries or insists on something. Your toddler is only testing you to see if you will give in, and once you do, those limits will be useless. Being consistent with your rules makes your toddler realize that he will not always get everything he wants which will make him obey you.

Do Not Be Afraid To Disappoint

Yes, seeing your toddler cry is heartbreaking. But when it is for his own good, denial is perfectly okay. Giving your toddler whatever he wants is not a way of showing how much you love him. Doing this can be dangerous as this will only make him push his desires to the extent of violating your rules and discipline policies. Refusing to buy him a new toy will make him dislike you, but will that last for a day? No. Let him cry and scream. His frustration will be gone in no time.

Set Up A Reward System

Children who are handed things easily tend to take things for granted. Create a reward system for good behaviour and let him earn something little by little. For instance, if he wants a bike, tell him that you will only buy him one if he clears the dining table for a month. Or if he wants to watch TV, he has to put away his toys or finish his food first. This will make him understand that if he wants something or he wants to have fun, he has to work hard first.

Give Your Toddler Freedom

Freedom to handle his own struggles that is. Let your toddler make his own choices, weigh the pros and cons and work through manageable problems without helping him. Do not do for him what he can do for himself. If in case he makes a bad choice, do not reprimand him. Let him stew until he regains his composure and then talk to him. Help him process his feelings. It is okay to allow your toddler to be annoyed sometimes. This teaches your toddler to think on his own and to own up to his problems and come up with solutions to resolve them.

Focus On The Positive

Every time your toddler is doing good, commend him. Praising him each time he says please and thank you or for not crying because he cannot eat chips reinforces good behaviour which will make him more motivated to behave properly.

Raising a well-mannered child starts at home. With your love, support and firm discipline methods, your toddler will grow into an adult who is prepared for the real world.

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