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Ways To Help Children With ADHD

Children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are often distracted, restless and impulsive, damaging their ability to function as a whole. While there is no cure for it, there are ways parents can help their child. Here is a guide on how to do it.

Establish A Routine

Come up with a daily schedule and make sure you and your toddler stick to it. Toddlers with ADHD thrive when they know what to look forward to. To make it more interesting for your little one, hang a wall calendar or encourage him to create his own map and decorate it together with your toddler. For instance, stick a blue sticker for mealtime, yellow for naptime, red for playtime and orange for bedtime. Use unique stickers for special tasks such as monthly check-ups or getting a haircut. For every task he accomplishes, have him put a check mark beside the sticker. Doing this enables him to identify what the schedule will be for each specific day.

Be Clear With Your Words and Retain Eye Contact

Giving verbal instructions is an effective way to get your toddler’s attention. It allows him to focus more in finishing a certain task. Each time you give him a chore, give instructions in a clear and slow manner and have him repeat them so you can check whether or not he understood it correctly.

While giving out instructions, make sure you and your little one maintain direct eye contact as well. Sit down and gently hold your toddler’s face in your hands so he cannot turn away from you. This will help him focus on you and your words, decreasing the chances for him to become distracted.

Give Simple Tasks

A toddler with ADHD does not do well in terms of completing tasks as compared to a normal child. Do not set unrealistic chores for him as this will only frustrate him which will cause him to ignore the task completely. Keep tasks easy by breaking them up into simple steps. For instance, instead of telling him to put all his dirty clothes inside the washing machine, ask him to pull out his t-shirts, socks and underwear first. Once he is done, ask him to put his pants and the remaining clothes in the washing machine.

Make Use of Your Child’s Interests

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can affect your toddler’s speed of learning. Work around this condition by focusing on your toddler’s interests. If he has a strong fascination for cars, give him books about cars to improve his reading skills. If he loves dogs, give him a connect-the-dot book with illustrations of dogs to enhance his writing skills. If he is attracted to anything bright, using flashcards in different colors will keep him focused when you teach him various words.

Commend Every Job Well Done

Giving positive reinforcement shows that you support your little one which will boost his self-confidence and in turn, motivate him to repeat positive behaviours. Focus on the good rather than the bad. Praise him for a job well done. Give him a kiss, pat on the back, hug or a simple reward each time he finishes a task.

Create A Quite Space

Assign a room where your toddler can have some private time. Make sure there are no distractions. Giving him his own space allows your toddler to do the things he wants to do. The alone time he gets helps him focus on whatever activity he is doing increasing his concentration.

Keep Your Calm

Emotions can get the best of us especially during difficult times. Extend your patience. If he ignores you, do not lash out. It will bring no good. Instead, give him the “time out” so he can think about his actions. If you feel like you have had enough, take a break. Go out for awhile. When you are calm, you can take better care of your toddler.

Life can be stressful when you have a toddler with ADHD. But, do keep in mind that it is most demanding on your child’s part since everything in his life can be affected by this disorder. Make this condition easier for your toddler by helping him deal with it one step at a time.

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