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Weaning A Toddler From Breastfeeding

As your child grows older, changes must be made. One of these changes is to stop breastfeeding. But, change is never easy and is often unwanted, especially by toddlers. Here are some tried and tested tips for weaning a toddler from breastfeeding.

Take It Slow

When you begin the weaning process, take it slow. Your baby nurses not only to feed but also to feel a sense of security only you can provide. If you go cold turkey, your baby may feel he is unwanted. For example, you may choose to wean your baby from breast milk at noon but continue breast feeding at night. Or, try replacing one nursing session for a bottle or sippy cup with milk. Cutting the duration of the nursing sessions also helps. Remember, weaning does not happen overnight, so give him time to adjust.

Distract Your Toddler

The best way to take your toddler’s mind off it is to provide a diversion. Avoid sitting in your favorite breastfeeding spots with your toddler. When he starts to whine, offer him his favorite snack, play or read a book together, cuddle him or head out for a walk.

Be Creative

Now is the perfect time to introduce your toddler to a variety of nutritious foods. Combine different dips and spreads with vegetables or crackers. Slice his favorite fruits, place them in a bowl and add some cream to make it flavorful. The key is to make his food look as eye-catching as possible so he is encouraged to eat and enjoy his meals.


Even if your toddler is not yet a pro at talking, he can understand you. Give him a simple explanation about this change. Use words he can comprehend when talking to him. Say something like, “Honey, you are going to be a big boy. Big boys have a lot of fun eating different foods. You do not have to nurse now.”.

Affirm Your Love

Reassure your love for your precious angel. Shower him attention and affection. Snuggle. Hold his hand. Give him a hug and a kiss. Play together. Go on a day trip. This way, your little one will know that you are not abandoning him, you are just bidding farewell to breastfeeding.

Be Firm

It is normal for your toddler to be resistant during the first few days of weaning. In order to wean your child from breastfeeding effectively, do not give in to his complains, pleas, crying and outbursts. It might be agonizing to watch your toddler in pain, but eventually, your toddler will get used with the idea.


Each time your toddler feeds from a bottle or cup, praise him for a job well done. Simple things like treating him to ice cream, taking him to the zoo or giving him extra 5 minutes to play in the playground will seal the deal.

Remember, weaning your toddler from breastfeeding takes time and effort. But as long as you are consistent and considerate of your toddler’s temperament, the transition will go smoothly for the both of you.

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