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Where to Find Free Educational Games For Toddlers

Young children always like the idea of playing. It excites them, challenges them and gives them something to do. Incorporating not just any game but educational games during your toddler’s playtime completely helps his development. At his tender age he is more susceptible to try out new things. The secret to keeping your toddler interested in these games is to use a variety of different learning activities to retain his attention.

Educational games for toddlers are great source of fun and are superb ways to boost your toddler’s learning. Beyond that, it is also a great means to strengthen your parent-child relationship. You can find countless of free educational games for toddlers everywhere. Here are some great resources that provide entertaining yet knowledgeable games fit for every toddler’s age:


A timeless source of everything, the library holds thousands of books about every topic. If you want to find free learning games for your toddler, then check out your local library first. Look for the section with books intended for kids. In there you can find classic yet proven effective learning games.

Online Forums

Using the internet, go to websites that are dedicated for mothers and toddlers. You can find different forums wherein moms across the globe give tips to other moms. Exchanging ideas and tips is very helpful especially when you are looking for fun educational games for your little one. You are sure to come across different learning websites. Plus, there are a lot of do-it-yourself projects that you and your toddler can make together allowing your toddler to not just rely on the web but be hands on with his learning.

Online Game Websites

If your toddler prefers to play games using the computer, then might as well take advantage of it. There are thousands of gaming sites for toddlers. However, not all of them are age-appropriate. It is best to research first and visit top ranking websites to make sure it certainly has educational games. Here are some of the most popular websites that provide free educational games suitable for every toddler’s age:

  • Fisher Price. This website not only offers excellent tips and tricks for parents but as well as online educational games and activities as well. Great for toddlers from 9 months to 2 years old, it offers basic educational games ranging from the alphabet, colors and shapes, numbers, memory match down to simple math.
  • Nick The website of the much adored Nickelodeon kids’ channel, Nick Jr. allows your toddler to play kid-centric characters like Dora the Explorer, Clifford and Team Umizoomi. They have educational games that help your toddler identify different shapes and colors, answer easy counting trivia’s or find hidden objects.
  • Disney Junior. Another all time favorite, you will be sure your toddler will enjoy playing fun and learning games that allows him to enhance his skills.
  • Starfall. is a phonetic focused website that offers toddlers comprehensive games helping them learn how to read and write simple words correctly.

Games create a huge impact on your toddler and are very powerful means of developing your toddler’s overall skills. Let your toddler play educational games to help him advance, enhance and grow fittingly.


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