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Best Toddler Learning Games For Your Child

As always, your toddler functions best when at play. His creative mind continues to flow with countless possibilities day by day and what better way to use and maximize your toddler’s ingenious ideas than by letting your child play fun educational games. A lot of toddler development happens with these activities so see to it that your toddler takes advantage of it.

Toddler learning games are fun and wonderful. This keeps your little child entertained and interested. Beyond that, toddler games also polishes every skill of your toddler. Games allow him to develop in different areas such as – the physical, emotional, intellectual, cognitive and fine motor aspects.

The Top Toddler Learning Games For Your Kid

There are various educational games you can introduce to your toddler. Make sure that you let him play games that cover and help his overall development, one that allows him interaction. Here are some of the best toddler learning games:

Warm Up Games

When you start shifting from plain entertainment games to fun educational games, warm up activities must first be introduced to your child. In this way, you prevent him from getting confused and uninterested because of the new game play patterns. Together with your toddler, hold an activity wherein you circle out mistakes. For example, buy a book that allows your child to compare drawing A from drawing B and help him spot the differences. This peaks your tot’s interest and stimulates his brain allowing him to feel more challenged to complete his task and continue on to tackle other games.

Creative Mind and Body Games

Toddler learning games involving the mind and body entails your toddler’s full participation. Through the help of songs (e.g. lullabies, nursery rhymes such as When You’re Happy and You Know It, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, etc.) he learns things through play and is encouraged to discover different kinds of shapes, colors, sounds, the alphabet, etc. along the way.

Board Games

Board games are considered to be the best learning game for toddlers since it solidifies every skill of a child. It assists your toddler in recognizing and retaining what he has learned. The ability to identify alphabet, colors, numbers and shapes is enhanced making a huge impact with his visual and hearing perception. Get your tot a board game that is suitable for his age. Here are some examples of board games:

  • Snakes and Ladders. An all-time favorite even of parents, this board game guides your toddler towards different numbers. It helps increase his agility and improves his fine motor skills. Great for your toddler’s early years (from 12 months to 18 months).
  • Zingo. A bingo type of game that requires your toddler to match the picture to the words on the play card. This game improves your toddler’s matching and recognition skills as well as fine motor skills since the contestants need to compete in order to complete a particular line to be declared as the winner. Best played by toddlers from ages 1 to 2.
  • Junior Monopoly. Another classic favorite amongst thousands of learning games, monopoly helps in developing your toddler’s math, reading and social skills. His sense of reasoning is also enhanced. Fit for toddlers from ages 2 to 3.
  • Scrabble. Fit for older toddlers (ages 3 to 7), this type of learning game helps your toddler discover new words, corrects his spelling and language as well as his matching proficiency since he has to think of new words and match letters to words already written on one side of the board.

Puzzle Games

Whether it be a wood, jigsaw, foam or floor puzzle; puzzle games help your toddler develop the ability of being a problem solver. His ability to think things fairly, retain memory and immediately come up with a solution is increased.

Online Educational Games

Another popular learning technique, learning games found in the web helps your toddler become more dexterous. Playing learning games online helps you keep your toddler’s attention focused on a specific topic for long periods of time. Since most online games are animated and are equipped with audio and music, this effortlessly assists him to correctly identify objects and categories in a shorter time. His verbal and written skills are also enhanced.

Games always give toddlers a great time. Just remember to choose educational games instead of violent and rough games. In this way, you are secure that your toddler gets all the proper learning he needs.

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