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How Napping Helps Minimize Toddler Sleep Issues

As much as toddlers need physically demanding activities to help nurture and develop their bodies, sleep is also very important. When a toddler is at sleep, the development of the body and mind is at its best. Ample sleep must be done during day and night time. Having your toddler take his afternoon naps allow his body to recharge and restore energy permitting him to function well.

Napping secures your tot’s good health and is the best way to supply growth and rejuvenation. Once your tot lacks sleep during day time, he can easily and quickly get tired when performing his activities. Also, studies have shown that not taking regular naps can increase your toddler’s sleeping problems. To help you get a better idea, here are some ways how napping can trim down toddler sleep issues.

Decreases Negative Vibes

Taking regular naps is an effective way to combat anxiety, depression and hyperactivity which are very common mood swings to toddlers from age’s three to five. Based on a recent study, it was found out that toddlers who do not take sufficient naps are more likely to experience regular occurrences of negative mood swings which creates a feeling of uneasiness making tots temperamental which they can bring to sleep. Having these negative vibes can trigger sleeping disorders such as night terrors, sleep walking or sleep apnea.

Minimizes Restlessness

Some parents think that not allowing their child take naps in the middle of the day helps make their tot go to sleep faster in the evening. This is absolutely not correct. Never trade in a nap for an earlier bedtime; this will only backfire on you. If you keep your toddler up with lots of activities just to make him tired, he only becomes restless and that can lead to insomnia. This unsettles his bedtime routine and will keep him wide awake and hyper. See to it that you let him take his nap at a reasonable time say for example at one or two in the afternoon. This evens out his energy level making him energetic in the afternoon and mellow down in the evening helping him go to sleep soundly through the night.

Relaxes Body and Mind

Having enough nap time in a day (depending on your toddler’s age) will make it easier for your tot to sleep well throughout the night. No more waking up because of bad dreams. During this stage, your toddler is very active making him reject taking a nap. His body needs signal to let him slow down. An hour of nap during day time and in the afternoon allows his body to use his energy letting his body and mind relax in the evening. A calm body and mind always results to a good sleep without any interruptions.

Better Sleep Training

Once your child has grown accustomed to taking every day naps, his bedtime sleeping pattern improves. He will find it easier to adapt to it. It makes him feel more at ease and steady because the naps he took sleeps train him to slowly shift towards a peaceful sleep.

Toddler sleep issues can be eliminated by taking ample naps throughout the day. This provides him calmness helping him fall soundly asleep.

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