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Bullying In Children – What To Do If Your Toddler Is A Bully

Bullying in children is very common. Sure, kids are just being kids. But, what happens if your toddler is the perpetrator? What can you do to help your toddler get back on the right track?

Talk It Out

The first thing you should do is to acknowledge the problem. If you ignore the misbehaviour, your child will think bullying is okay. Talk to your toddler in a non-threatening manner. Tell him you are aware of the bullying. Ask him why he is doing it. Maybe he is afraid, sad, unsure of himself or wants power and bullying is his defense mechanism. Inform him that you are not going to tolerate the behaviour and that he has to be corrected.


When communicating with your toddler, make sure you really listen to what he has to say. Doing this assures your little one that he can tell you anything without being judged, allowing a two-way conversation to transpire. An open line of communication is the best way to handle this kind of situation.

Ask Questions

If in case your toddler does not handle straight talks well, try asking him questions. Why is he doing it? Does he have friends that bully other children? Is there something he does not like in the other child? Then, let him see his actions in a different way. Put him in someone else’s shoes by asking, “How would you feel if you were the one being bullied?”. This will get him thinking of his actions.


Set limits with your toddler. Explain to him that until he learns to respect others, he will have to stay in his room for 15 minutes every day and that television, video games and his favorite sweets will not be a part of his life. Make sure you are consistent in your efforts to help your toddler fully understand the concept of consequences.

Teach Positive Behaviours

Teach your toddler how to be kind and sympathetic to others. Maybe he does not understand how his behaviour is affecting the bullied child. Give your toddler a pet so he can take care of it. Read books or watch videos together about children who bully. Enroll him in a class that can nurture his talent while encouraging camaraderie and teamwork. Hold a play date for a few hours in your home. This way, you can observe how he is around his peers and correct any misbehaviour at once.

Do Not Belittle

Never turn the tables and mock, insult or ridicule your toddler just to show him what a bullied child feels like. This will only boost the behaviour because he is also being bullied at home.

Reduce Violence At Home

Avoid exposing your toddler to violence. Monitor the TV shows your little one is watching. Pick age-appropriate computer and video games. Make sure you guide him if he does watch or play violent shows and games. Also, take a look at your behaviour. Do you react aggressively when angry? If you do, then lecturing your toddler on bullying will be useless if he sees you or other family members display destructive behaviours.

Stopping your toddler from bullying is a process. But if you give time, patience, lots of effort and attention on your child as well as the environment he is growing up in, you can help your toddler turn things around.

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