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Quick Toothache Relief For Toddlers

“Mommy, my tooth hurts!”. There are different reasons why your toddler suffers a toothache. But there is one thing you can be sure of, toothaches can be really hard on your child. As a parent, it is your goal to do something to alleviate the pain. Here are a few toothache relief tips you can try.

Brush and Floss Teeth

Sometimes, food gets stuck in between the teeth which cause toothache. Use a penlight to check your toddler’s mouth. Brushing and flossing teeth can give instant toothache relief.

Cold Compress

Rub an ice cube or cold pack on the side of your toddler’s cheek, directly beside the throbbing tooth. Do this for approximately 20 minutes. The coldness will numb the affected tooth. Frozen slices of cucumber and potato also make ideal ice packs.


Peppermint has a soothing ability and is anti-inflammatory, making it a very good natural remedy for toothache. If your toddler can gargle, combine 15 drops of peppermint essential oil with ¼ cup water and let your little one swish the mixture in his mouth for 30 seconds, 3 times a day. If he does not know how to gargle, boil fresh peppermint leaves in a cup of water. Add a pinch of salt and have him drink it. You may also put dried mint leaf powder around the sore tooth and then make your toddler spit out every few minutes.

Clove Oil or Garlic

Rub clove oil on the affected tooth or make him chew garlic. Garlic is very effective in easing toothache as it stops the pain and kills bacteria, preventing further infection. It may taste icky and give your young one a smelly breath, but it is the fastest way to relieve the unbearable pain.

OTC Pain Reliever

You can also try giving your toddler over-the-counter pain reliever such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. For oral pain relief, use Anbesol. Anbesol contains Benzocaine – a topical painkiller that is used to remove pain. Just squirt a small amount in a cotton swab and help your toddler place it next to the tooth for 30 seconds. When giving pain reliever, make sure you give the correct dosage and that the medicine do not contain aspirin to avoid side effects.

Modify Your Toddler’s Food

Avoid giving your toddler cold, hot, sweet, salty and spicy foods and drinks as they can further irritate the aching tooth. Offer soft foods and liquids until the toothache goes away.

Provide A Distraction

Diverting your toddler’s attention is also another very effective toothache relief. Play board games together. Let him watch his favorite movie. Read a book. Cuddle with your little one. Give him a warm bath.

Seek Expert Help     

If you have tried all the remedies mentioned above yet your toddler’s toothache persists, see a dentist at once. The dentist will be able to determine the accurate treatment for the throbbing tooth pain. The dentist can either suggest filling it if the toothache is caused by tooth decay, a tooth extraction or perform a root canal.

In order to avoid toothache and ensure your toddler’s teeth are in tiptop condition, make sure to teach your toddler proper oral hygiene and that regular visits to the dentist are administered.

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