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Childcare Basics Every Parent Needs to Know

Finding quality childcare for your little one can be a major parenting challenge. When you need to leave your toddler to go to work, it is essential to make sure that your child stays safe, secure and happy. It takes time to find the perfect childcare that meets your toddlers needs, demands and development. Thus, it is important to start looking as early as possible and educate yourself with the basics of toddler childcare.

Here are some childcare basics you must know to make sure your child gets the proper care and attention he needs to help him grow into a smart and healthy human being.

 On Finding The Right Childcare

The first childcare basic rule every parent must know is to select a childcare that is accessible within your area. Distance is always an issue for both parents and toddlers. Most child care experts advice that a toddler’s childcare must be close to the toddler’s house since having to spend too much time for transportation is not good for the toddler. It is best to contact your local authority Family Information Service (FIS) to help you get information about the different childcare providers in your area.

On The Things You Need to Consider

Having a checklist will come in handy when choosing a childcare provider. Here are some important questions to ask:

  • Is your toddler happy?
  • Are there sufficient indoor and outdoor activities planned that can help improve your toddler’s learning?
  • Is the place well ventilated, clean and child proof?
  • Are there enough staff to keep an eye on all children?
  • Can the provider manage your toddler’s behaviour accurately?
  • Is there an age appropriate transportation policy?
  • Are there separate spots for cleaning, playing and resting?
  • Does the provider know what to do and who to contact in case of emergency?

On Choosing The Best Childcare Provider

There are five types of childcare providers. The following are:

  • Babysitter and Nanny Care. 100% personal attention is given to your toddler. Your toddler gets to stay safe at home. However, social interaction is limited. The rate for this type of childcare is expensive since you have to settle legalities like paperwork and taxes.
  • Daycare Centers. Daycares, also known as playschools are more affordable than nanny care. These are licensed establishments who employ only trained professionals. This type of childcare allows your toddler to interact with other children. It prepares your toddler for early childhood education. However, the downside to daycare centers is that most of the staff care for more than one child. Complete care and attention is not fully given.
  • Home Daycare. A daycare center that provides a home-like environment erasing your toddler’s uneasiness. Since it is a small childcare provider, there are smaller groups of children, helping your toddler get all the nurturing he needs. The only disadvantage is that caregivers did not undergo professional training.
  • Relative Care. More personalized attention is provided but the parents and the relative’s childcare viewpoints may conflict.

When selecting for the type of childcare you want, it is best to ask other parents for references. Consider your toddler’s interests and personality. Also, you need to compare the rates, services, and schedules. Booking an appointment to conduct an interview and visiting the establishments are a must.

On Monitoring Your Toddler’s Childcare

Once you have successfully chosen the type of childcare you think best suits your toddler, give a clear and complete information about his likes and dislikes, health condition and other issues he may have. A few weeks after, it is best to talk to your toddler and his provider to find out how he is getting on and if he is happy and at ease. A toddler that is satisfied and secured, who learns new things and gains worthwhile experiences is the most basic childcare rule every parent must know.

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