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Hiring A Nanny to Help You Care For Your Toddler

When weighing your options for your toddler’s childcare, it is important to consider what is best for you and your family. Getting the aid of a nanny can help make your life less stressful. Your toddler gets to stay safe and enjoy all the comforts of home sweet home giving you peace of mind while you are at work.

In this modern age, past problems of parents being unable to continue their careers and also bring up their children are no longer an issue. Both parents can now go to work, with other people employed to watch over their children. Hiring a nanny can be a daunting task, here is everything you need to know to make the task easier so you can find the best care for your toddler.

How to Find The Best Nanny For Your Child

Stay In or Stay Out?

Before proceeding to hire a nanny, it is important to start your search by identifying what kind of nanny you need. Decide whether you want a stay in or stay out nanny for your toddler. A stay in nanny lives with you and the whole family in the house. You have to think about space and privacy policies. A nanny’s qualifications (experience and education) must also be considered as well as other household duties she needs to do on a day to day basis. On the other hand, a stay out nanny follows a fixed schedule. She only goes to your house when she is needed; she may or may not do other housework aside from taking care of your toddler.

Take Your Time

Give yourself ample time to do research. It is best to have two or more prospects to allow comparison. Ask neighbors, friends, relatives or your co-workers for recommendations. To expand your search, go online and visit nanny care websites. Budget must be considered. Know how much you can afford to pay your nanny, if you are willing to give benefits such as vacation leaves and insurance. Having a list will help give you a better idea of the nanny care services you want. Include these things in your working agreement once you start doing interviews.

Interview, Screen and Verify

Holding an interview to screen nannies is very crucial. You want to be at ease that your toddler stays secure and happy while you are away. Discuss the nanny’s experience, what she did before becoming a nanny and manner of childcare. Ask candidates detailed, scenario type questions like – what will you do if the toddler misbehaves? How will you react if he starts throwing tantrums? Do you know how to give basic first aid in case he feels sick? Ask each nanny for a police record check, a CPR training certification and referrals from previous employers. Contact each employer and verify their feedbacks. Inquire about the nanny’s discipline style.

Hold A Trial Period

It is always good to let your toddler participate when choosing a nanny. Have each nanny come over to your house and see how each one interacts with your toddler. Pay close attention to your toddler’s reaction. This will help you select the right match for your family.

Follow Your Instincts

During the decision process, always remember to follow your intuition. When you feel something is just not right, then it is a no. Talk to your toddler and ask for his opinion to help you decide. Go back to the trial period and recollect how your little one mingles with each nanny.

When hiring a nanny, always consider your toddler’s reactions. You know you have found your toddler’s perfect match when you see him comfortable, relaxed and happy.

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