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Finding A Doctor For Your Toddler

Finding a doctor for your toddler is one of the most crucial responsibilities you have as a parent. But with a little time and research, you can find one that will give utmost care for your precious one. Here is a list of qualities you should look for.

Qualities A Good Doctor Should Have

The perfect doctor for your toddler should be:

Certified and Experienced

An excellent and poor doctor can both have fancy diplomas and remarkable credentials. Likewise, a doctor who went to the most prestigious medical school does not automatically mean that person is the best in the medical field. Look for a board certified pediatrician. This way, you can be sure that the doctor has a clean record. Also check with the Federal of State Medical Boards to see if there is any case against the doctor.

Make sure that the doctor has a few years of experience either in practice or through internship. You can verify this by checking the certificates in the doctor’s clinic. Avoid a doctor who is not affiliated with a hospital or is connected with a hospital that has a bad reputation.

Kind and Genuine

Look for a doctor with a compassionate attitude. If you find a doctor you feel comfortable with, then most probably your toddler will feel comfortable too. A good pediatrician shows genuine care for children, is warm, attentive and knows how to distract and relieve a nervous toddler. So even if your toddler is not looking forward to his doctor visits, at least he will be somewhat at ease when he is inside the clinic.


This is one very important quality which a doctor must possess. Dealing with children is difficult and definitely not easy. A good doctor should know how to handle a cranky or terrified toddler and an anxious parent. Go for a doctor who can keep calm and remain composed even in the midst of crisis.

A Listener and A Responder

A good doctor knows how to listen, understand your emotional condition and will comfort you to give you some sense of relief. The doctor should have an open mind and should be able to respect your own childcare philosophies (e.g. feeding, sleep, immunizations, etc.). A good doctor will explain and share that knowledge with you in a language you can understand, not medical jargon. If the doctor takes time to answer and reply to your queries and concerns, you know that that doctor is a keeper.

Easy to Reach

Doctors are busy people so it should be made clear how you can contact the doctor during nights and weekends, who you can call in case the doctor is out and if you can make emergency visits or re-schedule appointments.

Respectful of Your Time

A good doctor has regular office hours, is not late and will avoid taking phone calls, being disrupted by a nurse with queries or getting impatient to end your consultation. A doctor who respects your time does not mean you will never have to wait especially during peak-hours or emergencies. It only means that even if things are busy around the clinic, the staff should never put you on hold and should keep you informed how long you will have to wait.

A doctor plays a very important role in the life of your toddler. So never settle for anything less and choose a doctor who can meet or better yet, exceed the qualities mentioned above.

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