Finding The Perfect Toddler Bed Rails

Your toddler’s safety is your number one priority. By installing toddler bed rails into his bed, you ensure your toddler is secure helping you sleep soundly during the night. Here are some tips to help you choose the best risk-free toddler bed rails:

Select Your Preferred Type of Bed Rails

There are 3 different types of bed rails. The following are:

Grip Bed Rails

Known as stationary or transfer bed rails, a grip bed rail forms an L shape which can be easily attached and detached under the mattress. It has a handle which aids your little one in getting in and out of the bed. Most often, these rails come with latches for added protection especially during night time when your toddler tends to move a lot.

Safety Bed Rails

Also known as security bed rails, this type of toddler bed rail has a length the same size of a regular bed. You can choose between a one or two sided adjustable rail. These safety rails have an L shape that easily slips beneath the mattress on each side of the bed. This makes it easy for your toddler to go in and out of his bed especially when he needs to use the toilet. While at the same time, its adjustable feature is designed for parents to safely keep their toddler in bed when unattended.

Travel Bed Rails

Classified as portable bed rails, these rails are very handy when the family goes on a trip. It involves lesser set-up time than a grip or security bed rail. They are also L-shaped but with straps that can go around the bed spring of most hotel beds and other irregular beds ensuring a tight fit.

Get The Correct Size

A good toddler bed rail must be at least 5 to 10 inches above the top of the mattress. A bed rail that is of the same height with your toddler’s mattress is useless since your toddler can easily go in and out of his bed or worse, he might fall off.

Prioritize Quality Over Style

While a lot of bed rails these days come in different colors, designs and shapes, not all of them provide security for your toddler. Your safest choice is to go for toddler bed rails made from wood. They are firm, sturdy and harmless to your toddler.

Examine Its Construction

A toddler bed rail needs to be strong yet safe for your toddler at the same time. Stay away from rails made from very hard wood since this can cause bruises and severe head injuries especially during this time when your toddler tends to get restless and he likes banging his head on the rails. The rails must also be made from child-friendly materials. Always check the manufacturer’s label to make sure that there are no chemical products present which can irritate his delicate skin.

Look For Extra Features

Look for these 3 toddler bed rail features – padding, to help protect your toddler’s head from injuries (e.g. if he accidentally slips and hits his head in the rail or if he likes to bang his head with hard objects). Compartments and pockets for storing some of his favorite toys and books so he can conveniently reach them.  Built in music (lullaby) and night light, the night light keeps his anxiousness at bay and the music will help him go back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night.

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