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Five Qualities to Watch For When Looking For A Babysitter

Ensuring your toddler gets the best childcare he deserves is imperative especially when you need to leave your child to someone else’s care for work. A babysitter can do the job. When choosing one, how will you know if you are hiring the best? Most often, finding the right person can be tricky. But, when you know how to spot excellent qualities, a sitter can be a real asset to your family.

Your toddler’s security is of your utmost concern. Hence, rushing to find any babysitter available only puts your toddler’s welfare at risk. The secret to hiring the best is to be observant and open-minded. When looking for a babysitter, keep in mind the following qualities.

Top Five Qualities of A Babysitter

A good babysitter must…

Be Able to Adapt

There is nothing more terrifying than a babysitter who lets your toddler wander by himself into the backyard while she is busy talking on the phone. A good babysitter must be capable of adapting to your house rules and family routines, someone who follows your disciplinary technique instead of changing them and making up her own style.

Since the sitter will be the one who takes charge of the household while you are away, a babysitter should be able to know how to bond with the family. Someone who can connect with every family member can most likely support your value system as well.

Be Responsible

Maturity is another essential quality a good babysitter must possess regardless of age. The sitter must be able to have a sense of urgency, meaning, someone who knows what to do during uncalled circumstances and is capable of giving first aid help. If she stays calm and patient when under pressure, then that is a good telltale sign. She must be capable of owning up to her mistakes and overseeing your toddler’s health and well-being. You can easily detect this quality by simply evaluating her answers to your queries. Observe her lifestyle, if she still goes to school, works at home or provides assistance to her family. Making a house visit to your prospective sitter is advised.

Exercise Promptness

A sitter who is on time or is at least 5 to 15 minutes early asserts you that she is a punctual and responsible individual. Tardiness must be kept to a minimum and the babysitter must have a valid reason for her lateness.

Have Good Rapport With Your Toddler

You know your little one has found his perfect match when he squeals with delight whenever the sitter is around. It is essential that your toddler and his babysitter understand each other. She must enjoy being around children and be able to communicate with your child in a clear, prompt and easy-to-follow manner.

Have Excellent References

Finally, a good babysitter must be in demand. Meaning, she must have an extensive recommendation from previous employers. Even if a sitter is young, if she is greatly suggested, then most probably she is an experienced, dependable and honest babysitter. Ask your relatives, co-workers and neighbors for a list of babysitters they have hired.

Keep these five qualities in mind when you start searching for a babysitter. So even if you are away from home, you know your toddler is safe giving you peace of mind.

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