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The Benefits of Nanny Care

When you need to go out for work, leaving your toddler at home can be depressing. But, thanks to modern childcare services, you do not have to constantly worry about your toddler’s welfare. Nanny care for your toddler is a blessing. So even if it costs more, you are assured that you get the best service for your child.

Nanny care at home makes the day less demanding for you and your little one. Since the nanny will become almost a part of the family, stability and reassurance is guaranteed. There are a number of advantages nanny care brings, the following are:

One on One Care Is Given

Since the nanny takes care of your toddler inside the family’s home, your little one gets plenty of attention and motivation. As compared to a regular day care center, a nanny is able to attentively observe your toddler’s growth on a daily basis through the activities he does. The shift will not surprise your toddler as the care is similar to the care he gets from you. Your toddler’s social, emotional, and intellectual growth are the nanny’s topmost priority. A stronger bond is formed between the two which is helpful to your toddler’s development.

You Get Household Support

Nannies are not only bounded to looking after your toddler’s welfare. Since she ultimately spends her hours inside your home, she can multitask and be of great assistance in doing household chores. The nanny can prepare your meals. The free time you get helps you bond with your toddler. You can sit and eat together during breakfast or play for a little while without worrying if you are late for work. Plus, the nanny can take care of basic housekeeping such as grocery shopping, sweeping, dish washing, laundry and so on.

Undisrupted Routine

Your toddler likes to be in familiar surroundings. Nanny care allows your little one to stay in the comforts of his home all day. The convenience of a home setting is a great plus for your child. He bathes in his own shower, eats in his own kitchen, sleeps in his bed and play with neighborhood kids. The more your toddler gets used to a routine the greater he is able to reveal his individual needs. This helps him incorporate new things into his daily practices smoothly.

Less Exposure to Viruses

As much as possible, you want your toddler to be in tiptop condition. A playschool can risk your toddler’s health as there are a lot of children and unfamiliar objects that can transmit germs which can make your toddler sick. A nanny care provider does not necessarily immune your toddler from illness but she is able to constantly check your toddler which helps decrease the number of viruses your toddler is exposed to.

Flexible Schedule

In case of any emergency, you can easily contact the nanny to take care of your toddler since a nanny’s schedule is tailored to fit your individual needs. Last minute changes are accommodated so if you need to rush to an impromptu meeting or you have to visit a sick relative, you can just call up his nanny and have her come over the house so your toddler has company.

Consistent Interaction

Your toddler gets to learn how to interact with people at an early age. This hones his social skills which is essential once he starts school. A long-term nanny provides constant care through the many stages of your toddler’s life. So even if his nanny retires, the strong bond between them is still present which assures your little one that building a long lasting relationship is good and doable even when the individual is not always around.

You Maximize Your Time

You and your husband can also benefit from a nanny care service. Even if you are working, you get the advantage of having a few hours of free time where you can pamper yourself, relax and do your hobbies. Plus, you get to finish your errands quickly since your toddler is not with you.

Saves You Money

Even if you pay extra for your nanny’s services and taxes, it is still a cost effective decision since the nanny can also perform other daily tasks (laundry, mopping, cooking meals, etc.). You get multiple quality service while paying a single price.

Hiring a nanny both in a financial and personal perspective is very practical. You get security of your toddler’s welfare, you get more me time and stress is minimized.

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