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Five Types of Toddler Furniture A Kid’s Room Should Have

Toddler furniture comes in different styles, shapes and sizes. But, there are some toddler furnitures that prove to be indispensable. Below are five toddler furnitures that should be present in every child’s bedroom.

Toddler Bed

Once your little one is too big for the crib or he begins to climb out of the crib, it is time to shift to a new bed. A toddler bed is smaller than a standard bed that gives your toddler the freedom to get in and out of bed without you having to worry if he is going to hurt himself. There are different types of toddler beds you can choose from:

  • Platform Bed – for toddler room’s with small space
  • High Sleeper Bed – a space saver bed wherein drawers, computer desks, chairs, etc. fit in the space underneath this bed, comes in various colors and shapes and can also be decorated in a variety of ways
  • Car Bed  - a favorite of children, this bed is made in the shape of a car that comes in different shapes and sizes
  • Sleigh Bed – a bed that has a curved headboard and footboard giving the bed a regal and elegant look, can also incorporate features such as drawers and shelves for extra storage space


Storage is essential. It provides a space for everything in the bedroom and it encourages your toddler to clean up and keep his room tidy. Dressers are available in different styles and colors so you can get one that will complement your toddler’s bedroom. A dresser made of wood is the most durable as it is lighter and less likely to break or collapse. A wooden dresser also matches most themes and colors of a room. Some kids’ dressers also come with a nightstand, headboard, desk or storage chest. Make sure you choose a dresser with rounded corners and wooden knobs to avoid any mishaps.

More Storage Pieces

You will need a range of storage pieces so you can keep your toddler’s room in tiptop shape. Toy boxes are ideal for storing your toddler’s toys and other knickknacks. Cupboards, drawers and wicker baskets can all be added to your toddler’s room for functionality and effect.

Play Table and Chairs

A play table and a couple of chairs are essential items every toddler room must have. This will divide the room into two – sleep area and play area. The play tables and chairs are especially designed for children providing your little one a space where he can safely and comfortably play.


Go for a bookcase that has several cubicles that can fit the books as well as small storage bins and baskets to create more space in the room. Opt for a vertical bookcase instead of a horizontal one so your toddler can easily reach every shelf without trying to climb on the furniture.

A toddler’s room should be kept as simple as possible. After all, your little one will spend a lot of time sleeping, playing and learning in this area and a wide, spacious room allows him to do all these things freely.

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