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Getting The Right Potty Training Seat For Your Child

When toilet training your toddler, it is important to arm yourself with the necessary products to help make his transition smooth and easy. Potty training is a huge step in your toddler’s life and making sure he feels comfortable and safe as much as possible is a big help to successfully accomplish this change. Hence, buying a potty training seat is imperative.

Using the toilet for the first time in his life is scary for your toddler. An adult-sized toilet seat is unsafe and uncomfortable to sit in and worse, he may fall in. Add to that a toilet’s lonely exterior and the peculiar sound of the flush, your toddler will surely fidget away. A potty training seat can erase all his anxieties. Picking the perfect seat is actually easy. With a wide array of selections available, you can be sure to find the right toilet seat for your little one.

Tips For Selecting The Perfect Potty Training Seat

Base Seat Shopping to Your Toddler’s Liking

In order for you to get the right potty training seat for your toddler, you must first evaluate what his likes and dislikes are. There are various types of potty training seats available today and choosing one can be confusing. If your toddler likes imitating mommy and daddy, then getting him an insert toilet seat will do. But, if he likes to do things his own way, a standalone chair will suffice his thirst for independence. While you may not completely agree with his choice, keep in mind that it is your toddler who will use it and that you are only there to guide him.

Decide Between An Insert or Standalone Potty Seat

An insert potty seat is very affordable and practical to use. If he needs to use the toilet, you can simply insert his own potty seat and then clean it up by simply flushing the toilet and wiping the seat. This type of seat comes in different colors and styles which helps trim down your toddler’s fear in using the toilet seat. Plus, an insert potty training seat is also portable. Perfect for traveling or when going out. You can easily attach and re-attach them to toilet seats.

Mommys Helper Cushie Traveler - Folding Padded Potty Seat

A standalone potty seat is a basic potty chair mostly made from plastic materials. This type of training seat can be easily positioned inside the bathroom. It has a cup under the seat that you can easily pull out after every use. Get one in a colorful design. See to it that it has a splash guard and a sturdy stand to evade any spills and trips.

Potty Time Its Potty Time

Let Your Toddler Tag Along

Once you have decided between an insert or standalone potty seat, invite your toddler to accompany you to the store. Look through the different seats available. Let him try out the seats that catches his attention. Observe whether he feels happy sitting on it. If he expresses the slightest sign of discomfort, disregard it and move on to other training seats.

Choose A Colored Seat Over A Plain Looking Seat

One of the biggest factors in getting the right potty seat for your toddler is the seat’s appeal. Pick a training chair with the biggest impact on your child. If he likes Superman and the color blue, then get him a potty chair in this design and shade. Bright colors and figures boosts the beauty of a chair. Once he is enticed, he will surely look forward to using it and forget his diaper. If you have the budget, a deluxe potty seat with a flushing sound feature is perfect. But, if you are cash-strapped, buy a bright colored seat and have him decorate it with stickers.

Potty training seats are made to delight and encourage your toddler. Always make sure to keep the fun alive for every change he encounters. In this way, your child is able to relax and enjoy his potty training experience.

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