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Potty Training Children - Products That Help

Effective potty training does not happen overnight. After all, this is a major change in your toddler’s life. So if you wish for your toddler to learn in a short span of time, you need to arm yourself with basic potty training essentials. But, with so many potty training products out in the market, how do you select the best items for your child?

When potty training children, it is a must to utilize toilet training products to make their transition nice and easy. To help you and your toddler get through the whole process unscathed, here are some potty training products that does the trick.

Popular Potty Training Products For Children

Potty Training Books

During this stage, your little one’s imagination is at its peak. As a result, he gets motivated by what he sees. What better way to jump start your toddler’s potty training program than a kiddie book about toilet training. Get your toddler a potty book that is amusing, one that transmits the message that using the potty is good. Or, why not find a potty book with his favorite cartoon character. The short sketches, comical stories, colorful drawings and easy to follow plot will surely keep your toddler inspired and interested to try out the toilet.

Potty Training Videos

Fun potty training videos allow your toddler to get comfortable with the idea of using the potty. An auditory and visually appealing video with an animated character, lively voice over and songs that he can sing along to catches his attention and will most likely encourage him to try out the things he has seen and heard. In addition, these videos educate your toddler about the body parts he uses in going to the potty. Also, most potty training videos have bonus segments for parents wherein tips and tricks are given to help you find a suitable potty training technique for your little one.

Potty Training Insert or Standalone Seat

Getting him his own potty seat makes your toddler feel like a grown-up. This is an effective product to help you introduce the function of a toilet seat without scaring your toddler. If he likes to have his own things, a standalone training seat is recommended. Select a colorful plastic potty seat in his favorite design. Make sure it has a splatter guard to prevent any spills and a firm support to avoid accidents. Also, a potty seat with a flushing sound feature encourages your toddler to use the seat every day.

Potty Time Her Majestys Throne Princess

An insert seat makes your toddler feel safe and comfortable with the toilet seat. Get him one in a festive color and style. Make sure to get one that has padding’s and is adjustable so it perfectly fits his small bottom.

Foam Soap and Wet Wipes

Personal hygiene is an essential part of potty training. To help your toddler get the job done, buy pre-moistened or wet wipes. These cleans more efficiently and are gentle on your toddler’s skin as compared to tissue. Foam soaps are convenient to use as your toddler can easily grip the big pump and dispense just the right amount of soap. He cleans himself better, faster and without any mess.

Potty Training Chart

Create a fun potty chart. Draw a racetrack and stick it up in your bathroom wall. For each time your toddler makes a successful visit in the toilet, let him put a sticker on the racetrack. Start in small quantities. For every three stickers, give him a small reward (a slice of cake or his favored chocolate bar perhaps). After he has filled up the drawing with stickers, treat him to his favorite restaurant or buy him a new toy. Giving your toddler positive reinforcement from start to finish boosts his confidence and encourages him to do his best every time.

To make toilet training a success, always keep the fun alive. This is a huge milestone in your toddler’s life so you might as well make it smooth and pleasurable for your child as much as possible.

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