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Household Chores – Tips To Help Your Toddler Get Started

How disciplined an individual is depends on his upbringing. The earlier you train your toddler, the better. Start teaching this important trait by giving your toddler household chores. Here is how to do it successfully.

Be Your Toddler’s Role Model

Your toddler’s actions depict your own actions. Do not expect your little one to clean up after his mess if you yourself leave your mess lying around the house. Establish good role models within the family. Your toddler is aware of you and your husband’s actions so set an example and do household chores seriously. When he sees mommy and daddy do chores dutifully, this motivates him to do his chores too.

Offer Choices

Do not just dictate what your toddler has to do. A more effective way to help your toddler do chores is by giving him the freedom to choose. Ask questions like “Which do you prefer, setting the table or clearing the table after dinner?” or “I am wondering if you want to help me clean up your room?”. Frame your requests as suggestions. This way, your toddler will feel that you want his help instead of making him feel like you are bossing him around.

Give Age-appropriate Chores

Your toddler will gladly cooperate if you assign him household chores he can manage. Give him simple chores appropriate for toddlers like making his own bed, picking up toys, books and dirty clothes, unloading the dishwasher, setting and clearing the table, wiping up messes, dusting, carrying and putting away groceries and vacuuming.

Make A Chore Chart

Creating a chore chart is a simple way to post chores and track your toddler’s success at completing them. Each time he finishes a chore, mark them off on the list using a colorful maker or by placing a sticker beside it. This will give him a sense of pride once he sees his chore chart is filled with stickers.

Make It Fun

Make chore time a happy activity by putting on some music. Playing a groovy song encourages your little one to waltz or dance while he is placing his toys back in the cabinet. Cleaning time is also a great way to bond with your toddler. Finish household chores by doing it together. Buy him a toy vacuum so he can clean the carpets while you do the same with your full-size vacuum. Get him toy brooms, dustpans, clean rugs and aprons. Using a timer allows your toddler to race against the clock, turning his chore into a game. When the work is fun, it does not feel like work at all.

Offer Rewards

For each small task he completes, you can offer a sticker or a token. Once he has earned 5 or 10, reward the good behaviour with something simple, like a trip to the zoo or the park, cooking his favorite food or giving him extra 10 minutes in the playground. Reinforce good behaviour and soon your toddler will appreciate the value of hard work.

It is very important to train your toddler early to do his share of chores as this gives him a small glimpse into what his future responsibilities as an adult will be.

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