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How Blended Families Can Bond

Making blended families work can be difficult, but with time, persistence, a little effort and some family activities, you can have everybody smiling in no time.

Fun Bonding Ideas For Blended Families

Share Hobbies

Think of a fun hobby that each member of the family can participate in. If a toddler is interested in playing baseball, join him. Ask him to teach you how to play the sport. Or, you can be the scorer while his younger sister and step-sister can be cheerleaders. Going to a sports center for a family match is also a great bonding idea. If cooking is your passion, encourage them to join you, even your spouse. Help them familiarize basic cooking utensils and kitchen wares. You can teach the toddlers to cook fuss-free recipes. Bake delicious goodies and assign each one to stir, slice, blend and wash the ingredients. Food always excite toddlers so teaching them how to whip up their favorite soup or desserts will surely guarantee a great time for all.

Have A Family Game Night

Each week, select a night when the whole family will be at home, say Friday nights. Take turns playing each family member’s favorite game. To make it extra fun, divide the family into two teams. Playing scrabble, charade and card games encourages the entire family to talk openly, laugh and squeal together with delight. This activity eliminates the barrier between the two families and creates an open communication that will ultimately bring everyone closer together.

Hold DVD Marathons

DVD night is one excellent bonding idea for blended families. Rent each member’s favorite movie. Buy lots of popcorn and soda. Be sure to watch the films together in a closed area wherein the toddlers can cuddle up closely. The master’s bedroom, living room or den are perfect locations to hold this fun activity.

Delegate Chores

Letting children help with household chores will not only give you time to bond with them but you are also training them to help at home. Assign them easy house tasks such as washing the dishes, watering the plants, cleaning the windows and placing their toys back in their original storage.

Go On A Trip

Do not just limit the fun inside the house. Go out. Explore the world. During weekends, visit places as a family. Bring children to the carnival, park, zoo, museums and play zones. Hold an out of town trip once a month or during the holidays. Travel to the countryside, visit sanctuaries, flower fields and farms. Visit different states and discover other countries. These trips will expose them to other people and open them to different environments which will help them learn and build social awareness. These journeys will also make them see the effort you exert to bring the family closer making them realize the value of family, whether they are related by blood or not.

Have One-on-One Dates

While doing things as a family is good, one-on-one parent-child bonding is equally important. Spending time with your spouse’s toddlers gives them a chance to know you and vice versa. Make sure you spend 1 whole day with each child (do not leave out your own kid of course). Let them choose what they want to do and where they want to go. Do grocery shopping. Go to malls. Watch movies. Eat at their favorite restaurants.

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