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The Advantages of Family Bonding to Kids

Doing the things that you and your family love to do is a great way to build strong bonds. With family bonding, you get to do activities together. You not only strengthen the bond in your family but you also serve as a good example to your toddler.

Family Bonding Can…

Make Your Toddler Happy and Positive

It is within the family where a toddler can either flourish or deteriorate. Simple things like watching movies, dining out, walking the dog and doing household chores together can make your toddler happy. Family bonding ensures your toddler that he is accepted which in turn helps him accept the little things in life. The more he feels it, the more he is encouraged to try new things with his family and that tight bond he shares with each family member will help your toddler develop into a bright, healthy and good individual.

 Provide A Strong Support System

Lack of family bonding makes toddlers susceptible to doing destructive things such as cheating, stealing and doing drugs. Having a close family bond is like a secure harbor wherein your toddler can find refuge. It instils in him the idea that he can trust you, that you will pick him up when he falls down and that he can find solace in his parents whatever triumphs and storms (from falling down as a toddler when practicing how to walk to moving on after his first heartbreak) your toddler will go through in life. Simple family bonding activities like storytelling, hugs and kisses, eating out and daily conversations give structure, protection and a sense of warmth. These assures your toddler of your love and establishes confidence in his parents.

Boost Self-confidence

Regular family bonding is a way for toddlers to get positive reinforcement. The healthy feedbacks you give to your little one affects his personality. Once your toddler knows he has a close-knit family, his self-image improves, he becomes more open with his peers and will not hold grudges. Also, studies have shown that typical family bonding activities (e.g. board games, watching TV, playing, etc.) helps toddlers function more productively which in turn increases their level of confidence.

 Improves Communication

Knowing your little one can talk to you anytime encourages your toddler to become more open and trustworthy. Bonding time will greatly help you eliminate any barrier between you and your child. A simple conversation about you and your husband’s childhood and adolescent experiences will not only keep both you and your young one laughing but it also builds a strong foundation between parent and child.

Reinforces Respect

Time spent together with mommy and daddy playing tag or swimming shows your toddler the importance of respect (whether he wins or loses), taking turns, waiting and sharing. Hence, your toddler will realize that he can do so much more with good behaviour than by displaying his tantrums. Your toddler will use less talking back and more listening. Also, creative play allows your toddler to release his frustrations in a non-violent and fruitful way, eliminating aggressive behaviors.

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