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How To Discipline A Screaming Child

Disciplining a toddler is already a tough job for parents. But what if you have a screamer? What do you have to do to correct the behaviour? Here are some tips on how you can discipline a screaming child.

Stay Calm

The first thing you should do is to remain calm. Do not react to screaming with yelling of your own. You are your toddler’s role model, so if he sees you respond to anger with anger, he will only learn that there is nothing wrong with screaming. Keep your composure when dealing with your screaming child. Take deep breaths, count to ten and hold back your frustration.

Acknowledge Your Toddler’s Feelings

Determine the root of the misbehaviour. It may look like mischief, but your toddler’s high-pitched voice is his way of exploring the power of his voice and experimenting with what he can do with it. Screaming is another way for toddlers to communicate or to be heard. Some toddlers shout each time they want their parents’ attention while others scream when they want something they cannot have.

Ignore It

When your little one begins shrieking up a storm, leave him alone for a few minutes, turn on some music and sing a song or ask him to sing with you. Ignoring the screaming will make your toddler stop his tantrums because he knows you will not give him attention if he continues the bad behaviour.

Address The Issue

Once your little one has calmed down, talk to your toddler in a calm and firm manner. Explain to him that screaming is unacceptable and is against the rules. You can say “I know you are upset because you want another scoop of ice cream, but yelling is not good. You should ask nicely.”

Provide Distractions

Another way to control your toddler’s screaming is to keep him busy. Offer a new activity or toy. If you are in a restaurant and your toddler starts yelling, step outside for a few minutes. Play fun games such as “I Spy” while running errands with your toddler. Ask him to help you pick out fruits and vegetables while at the supermarket. Better yet, make up a song about what you are doing to make it more entertaining for your little one.

Give A Consequence

No, you do not have to be violent to make your toddler stop screaming. Whenever your toddler is yelling, give an effective punishment. Put him in a time-out. Leave him in a safe corner and have him sit there for a short time or until he is calm enough. Or, you may also withhold privileges (TV, video games, desserts or extra minutes of playtime).

Provide Positive Reinforcement

When your toddler behaves appropriately, make sure you give him praise. Hug him and say, “You did good honey. I am very happy you talked nicely even if you were angry.”. Offer him a small but sweet reward such as cooking his favorite food for dinner, a sticker or a small toy. This will increase his motivation to continue the good behaviour.

Never lose hope. Know that this phase is only temporary. Your toddler will outgrow this annoying behaviour in time and of course, with your help.

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