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Seven Parenting Tips You Can Break

Parenting is not an easy task. Thus, you constantly look for tips to make your job easier. But, are all parenting tips helpful? Unfortunately, the answer is no. They can actually cause more harm than good. Here are seven parenting tips that are okay to break.

Tip # 1: Discipline Bad Behaviour Immediately

Sure, you need to correct your toddler’s misbehaviour. But, you do not have to necessarily reprimand your toddler right away especially when you are in a public place. The goal is to teach or to correct the bad behaviour, not to punish. It is more effective if you wait until you are at home and when you and your child are calm enough. Once the two of you have cleared your minds, reflect back, point out the behaviour, explain why it is incorrect and ask him what he should do next time.

Tip # 2: Shield Your Toddler From Reality

Children can handle difficult circumstances such as death, divorce, moving to a new city or money problems so do not protect your toddler from reality. The next time your little one asks you why mommy and daddy broke up, do not shun his questions but answer them as clearly and truthfully as possible. But, avoid giving too much information. Your toddler will learn to be resilient by learning how to pick himself up.

Tip # 3: Give Compliments

Positive reinforcement is necessary in helping toddlers flourish. However, frequently showering your little one with praises can backfire. Focus on your toddler’s actions rather than singing him praises. If your toddler fixed his toys by himself, do not just say “You are great!”. Say something like, “Wow, you fixed all your toys by yourself!”. This will make your toddler think that he can even do better the next time.

Tip # 4: Set A Strict Rule

It is okay to have rules. But, you can let loose once in a while. Allow your toddler to stay up past his bedtime to watch a movie with you. Let him decide what food he wants to eat for dinner. Give him an extra scoop of ice cream. Have him watch TV or play video games for  more than 30 minutes. As long as you do everything in moderation, you will not have any problem.

Tip # 5: You Must Always Share

As much as possible, avoid forcing your toddler to share. This will only make him associate sharing with negative feelings. Instead, encourage your toddler to let his playmate have a turn riding his bicycle once he is finished.

Tip # 6: No Potty Mouths Allowed

Children have a growing vocabulary which they want to try out especially if the word is funny or strange. What you can do is talk and explain the “bad” words instead of banning them in your home. Let your toddler know there is a time and place where he can use them, like in the bedroom or bathroom.

Tip # 7: No Bickering

Fighting is normal in children, even in adults. When your toddler fights with his sibling, restrain yourself from refereeing. Let your children handle their own difficulties as long as it does not get physical. Doing so will teach your children how to get along with others and when to fight and back down.

Parenting tips are advices that aim to help parents deal with children more easily. You do not have to follow all of them. Sometimes, you can break them as long as you know what you are doing will benefit your child.

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