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Motivating A Child To Be More Active

Putting your toddler’s endless energy into good use is essential in making sure your toddler is healthy. The best way to ensure that is to teach your toddler to exercise. There are various things you can do when it comes to motivating a child to be active. The following tips will help you get started.

Be An Example

Children love imitating their parents, and the best way you can encourage your toddler to be more active is by leading a physically active life. Get yourself moving. Hit the gym or buy an exercise video so you can exercise at home so your toddler can see you getting active. When you show your toddler that fitness is a priority for you, he will follow your lead.

Choose Age-appropriate Activities

Choose the right activities for your toddler’s age. Remember to keep the focus on fun rather than how many calories he will burn daily. Go for physically demanding activities that are not boring or frustrating. Some fun exercises include - playing a catchy song or a children’s exercise song and letting your toddler dance, throwing or kicking a ball, skipping on one foot, playing tag, freeze dancing, running in the backyard or riding a bike (with training wheels).

Go Outside

Instead of taking a stroller with you each time you go out, let your little one wander freely. Being out in the fresh air and basking in the sunshine will motivate your toddler to walk, run, kick, hop, jump and climb much more than he does when inside your home. Look for safe outdoor play places like the playground, park or a wide open field and bring along balls, jump ropes, bike and other toys. Walk to the supermarket. Go apple picking. Visit a dairy farm. Head to the beach and build sand castles or look for seashells. Let your toddler jump in the leaves you have raked.

Enroll Your Toddler In A Class

What does your toddler love to do? If he likes to dance, enroll him in a dance workshop. If he loves wading in the water, sign him up in a swimming class. Taking advantage of your toddler’s hobbies and interests is the easiest way to get his body moving.

Exercise Together

Exercising is more fun when you have a companion. Let your little one join you while you practice a dance routine or do stretches. Organize daily afternoon strolls with other moms and toddlers in your neighborhood. Better yet, get the whole family involved. Play tag in your backyard, take the whole family for an early evening walk around your local park, visit a zoo or go swimming.

Limit TV Time

Children under 2 years old should not spend more than 2 hours watching television every day, including computer and video games. Limit his TV viewing and choose shows or DVDs that encourage your toddler to get up and move or dance along with the characters.

Exercise is one of the key ingredients to living a healthy, happy and balanced life. Encouraging your toddler to be active is actually very easy as long as you keep it fun.

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