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The Benefits of Exercise For Toddlers

Exercise for children can be as simple as catching a ball, crossing the monkey bars or playing tag. It brings a lot of positive things that will help your toddler in his development. Below are the benefits of exercise for your toddler.

Gives Strength

Your growing toddler will need strength in order for his body to cope up with his intense energy. Exercise builds strong bones and muscles which give your toddler strength, stamina and resilience to handle whatever challenges he might come across. This will also help reduce the risk of injuries and problems later in life.

Become More Flexible

If your little one performs stretching exercises on a regular basis, his flexibility improves, enabling muscles and joints to bend and move more easily. This can be obtained just by doing a cartwheel or reaching the different parts of the body.

Increases Blood Flow

Exercising can boost the blood flow to all body cells and tissues, including the brain. Improved blood flow transports more oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body, which is very helpful for your growing toddler whose entire body needs large amounts of nutrients. The more nutrients your toddler has, the more energy he has for physical activities.

Detoxifies The Body

Because exercise increases blood flow, his body is able to detoxify and as a result, toxins and other harmful elements (from food, air and water) are taken out. Exercising helps your toddler breathe better and sweat more, which are great ways in keeping the body clean.

Healthier Weight

Obesity is one common health issue in children. An overweight toddler is incapable of reducing his body weight and body fat but a toddler who exercises has less fat and a leaner body structure (weight is proportional to the height). Exercising improves your toddler’s appetite and metabolism.

Stronger Immune System

Your toddler is more prone to sickness due to his undeveloped immune system. But through exercise, his body’s ability to fight diseases is improved. He is less likely to develop health issues such as colds, allergies, diabetes, heart disease and respiratory problems.

Improves Mental Health

Exercise improves the brain’s metabolism. It burns off harmful hormones while at the same time stimulates the production of new neurons and brain cells. As a result, your toddler’s memory is improved, he can focus much better and respond quickly.

Better Sleep

When your toddler is active during the day, he is using a lot of his energy and he will feel tired come night time which will help him sleep better (giving you extra hours of sleep too). You will no longer have a hard time following his bedtime routine or hear him grunt when you tuck him to bed.

Happier Disposition

Exercising releases endorphins, more popularly known as “happy hormones”. Your toddler’s anxiety decreases, mood is improved, self-esteem is boosted and he will have a sunnier outlook on life.

Exercising is good for everyone, especially for your toddler. So encourage your toddler to be more active or better yet, get fit together.

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