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Pets and Children – Simple Pet Chores Any Toddler Can Do

Pets are a great addition to a toddler’s growing up experience. However, the only problem with pets and children is that children do not have the capability to do everything that comes with caring for a pet. Luckily, there are still plenty of ways a toddler can help out. The following are some pet chores any toddler can do.

Food Duty

This is not even considered a chore because toddlers love giving treats to their pets. Ask your toddler to constantly check if there is enough water in your dog’s bowl. Because children believe “more is more”, you might want to supervise your little one at first to prevent your toddler from giving his goldfish an entire bottle of fish food. Have him watch you as you prepare carrots for your rabbit so he knows how much to give. Or, teach him how to measure the pet’s food portion and have him place it in a bowl and feed it to the pet. It is also important that you inform your toddler of the possible dangers that can happen if he gives his pet too much food.

Mess Patrol

Your toddler may need a little prodding with this chore. After all, cleaning up after pets may be the crappiest part of having a pet. But, you can teach your toddler how to scoop out the poop in the pet’s cage, throw the waste and clean or change the bedding. Of course, do not forget to remind him to wash his hands afterwards.

Bathing and Grooming

It is very essential to keep a pet clean and well-groomed especially if they are around toddlers. Ask your little one to help you with bathing and grooming your pet. For instance, your toddler can apply the shampoo while you wash the pet or he can hold the pet during grooming. Once he knows the proper way to bath and groom your pet, he can take over. But do keep a close eye on your toddler and your pet. Toddlers tend to get too excited when doing this task and elicit a not so friendly response from the animal.


Let your toddler come with you when walking the dog. If he is old enough to handle the dog, show him how to hold the leash and have him take a turn. Again, close supervision is necessary.

Playtime Buddy

Pets and children are the best of friends because they love doing the same thing – playing. He can dangle cat toys, teach the dog simple commands like “sit” or “roll” or play fetch with the dog or toss empty toilet paper rolls, a cardboard tube or box into a cage for his guinea pig or gerbil to play in. See to it you emphasize the importance of being gentle when playing with a pet.

Having a pet can give your toddler a sense of responsibility and teach him empathy. However, do bear in mind that the level of responsibility you give to your little one should be fitting to your toddler’s age as well as the temperament of the animal.

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