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Six Surprising Safety Hazards For Your Toddler

You may have bought the best childproofing gadgets to keep your toddler safe and sound. But did you know there are some safety hazards you may have ignored that can cause serious harm to your toddler? Check out these safety hazards you might be unaware of.


The bed is a place of rest, comfort and security. However, what many do not know is that a bed can be a potential safety hazard for children. How? Certain objects, bedcovers and toys can cause suffocation. Also, your toddler might fall off the bed if he tends to move a lot in his sleep.

Safety Tip: To prevent accidents, avoid putting stuffed animals, bumpers and too many pillows in the bed. Instead, place pillows and a thick blanket on the floor around the bed as an emergency landing pad. Better yet, purchase toddler bed rails to keep your toddler from falling out of the bed. Regularly check the condition of the bed. See to it there are no chips, protruding corners, sharp objects, creaks and that it is still strong enough to support your toddler.


It is common for toddlers to explore their home. One favorite household item toddlers consider a toy is a dishwasher. Little wanderers find joy in dishwashers because they have racks, buttons and sounds. Unfortunately, a dishwasher gives your toddler easy access to knives, forks and other sharp items. His tiny hands can get crushed and he can swallow dishwashing soap which can burn the esophagus.

Safety Tip: Point utensils downward in the utensil container. Use a dishwasher child lock to keep the dishwasher latched when it is not in use.


A purse, shoulder bag, backpack, suitcase and pouch can put your toddler’s safety at risk. Your little one can choke himself if he plays with bag straps or gains access to the contents of the bag (lipstick, pens, coins, medications, etc.) and hurt his hands with the zippers.

Safety Tip: Always store your bag in a place that is out of your toddler’s reach (e.g. in a locked cabinet or closet).

Power Windows

A lot of accidents and deaths have been reported involving children and car windows. A toddler can lose or squeeze his fingers or injure his head if he puts his hand or head out the window then accidentally leans on the switch, causing the window to close on him.

Safety Tip: Use the lock control so your child will not be able to operate power windows. Never leave your toddler alone inside the car.

Car Seats

By this time, your toddler probably knows how to operate a car seat and he may try unbuckling himself without your knowledge. This makes him prone to danger in case you suddenly step on the break or encounter a head-on collision.

Safety Tip: The number one reason why toddlers unbuckle themselves in their car seat is because they are bored. Make car rides more exciting by playing his favorite songs or bringing a toy to entertain him. You can also try sticking some Velcro underneath the buckle or turn the belt buckle around to make it more difficult for your toddler to unlatch himself.


Children love balloons. They are colorful and they float in the air. But once your toddler inhales them or chokes on them, it can lead to death. Why? Balloons, especially latex balloons can conform to your toddler’s throat and totally block the airway making it difficult for your toddler to breath.

Safety Tip: Opt for Mylar balloons instead of traditional rubber balloons. They are safer, do not pop and are recyclable. Do not let your toddler play or blow latex balloons. If a balloon pops, immediately dispose all the pieces.

Safety hazards are everywhere. But, by keeping an alert eye and following certain precautionary measures, you can safeguard your precious one from danger.

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