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Products That Make Toddler Bathing More Fun

If you are having a hard time getting your toddler to take a bath, it is time to tap into your creative mind to put the “fun” back into toddler bathing. Here are some products that can help.


Bubbles never fail to make bath time more fun for anyone. Put them in the bath and it will divert your toddler’s mind and erase his fear of bathing. Blow bubbles while your toddler is on the tub and have him catch them. You can make your own bubbles (add 10 cups of water to 1 cup of soap to make a bubble solution) or buy a bottle of bubble bath with different formulas and scents (try California Baby Calendula Bubble Bath or Nature Baby Organics Bubble Bath – Lovely Lavender).

Foam Bath Letters

Foam bath letters are a big hit with toddlers. They introduce your toddler to the alphabet and teach him to construct and spell words correctly while taking a bath at the same time. Float them, wet them or stick them to the tub walls and play word games like number recognition, alphabet or number train and letter sounds. They are made from soft, non-toxic foam ensuring safe bathing.

Bathtub Paint and Crayons

Who says bath time mess cannot be fun? Do not worry about getting yourself wet. Help your little one unleash his creativity by doing art projects. Give your toddler bath crayons (Crayola Bathtub Crayons) or bath paint (try Sesame Street Finger Paint Fun Soap) and let your toddler color all over the wall and tub. He will find it very entertaining so do not be surprised if he asks for a second or a third bath just so he can play with them. They can be easily washed off with water when you are done so do not worry about staining your bathroom.

Bath Tints

Give your toddler a good squeal (in a good way of course) and use bath tints. They are readily available in craft and department stores and they come in different colors. Let your toddler put tints in bath water and watch your little one’s eyes widen in awe as the water changes color.

Floating Toys

Bath time will not be complete without bath toys. Buy age-appropriate bath toys such as bottles, pirate ships, water flutes, terrycloth puppets and of course, the classic rubber duckies. He will have a grand time in the tub because he is surrounded with colorful bath toys.

Bath Sponges

You can use multi-colored sponges and cut them into different shapes (e.g. fish, star, moon, etc.) or buy bath sponges in different designs and colors (e.g. frogs, dinosaur, bear, SpongeBob, elephant and fruits). Let your toddler do whatever he wants. He can dip it in bath paint or pretend it is a spaceship – the possibilities are endless.

Bath time should be an enjoyable and exciting daily activity for your toddler. With these bath products, your child will surely have a big grin plastered on his face and leave him wanting for more!

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Bath Time Games For Toddlers

Are you having a hard time giving your toddler a bath? Worry no more, these fun bath time games promise to entertain your toddler and end your crisis of getting him clean once and for all.

Go Fish

While your little one is sitting in bath water, why not play a fishing game? You can purchase a bath toy set (e.g. Munchkin Bath Toy Set or Sassy Catch N Release Net Bath Toy) or make your own marine-life collection by buying a small aquarium net for your toddler and some craft foam. Using the craft foam, cut different sea creature like fishes, starfishes, sea horses, dolphins and whales. You may also download and print a sea life template. Let the creatures float around the water and challenge your toddler to scoop up all of the fish or everything that is green.

The Card Game

Your toddler will need foam-like card like the Splashimals by Milliwik. He can get them wet, stick them to the wall and then help him name the animals one by one or ask him what sound each animal makes. This is a great game to boost your toddler’s enthusiasm to take a bath while improving his artistic, memory and reading skills.

Hello, Teddy!

Encourage your young one to shampoo his own baby’s hair (he may use a plush bath toy or an old teddy bear) while you are shampooing his hair. It is a very effective technique that will distract him while at the same time, make him more at ease with the hair washing process.

Bath Time At The Zoo

Gather all your toddler’s plush stuffed animals and have them join your toddler while you are giving him a bath. Tell him that the animals are dirty and are in need of some good scrubbing. Your toddler will truly have fun getting his stuffed animals squeaky clean.

Eye Spy

Wondering what is the simplest way to prevent soap from entering into your toddler’s eyes? Have him look up while you wash him. You can blow bubbles in the direction of the ceiling or stick a colorful poster on the ceiling.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Place an unbreakable mirror on the wall where your toddler will face. While you shampoo his hair, let him watch as you turn  his hair it into a Mohawk, a flattop, give him a pair of antlers or a pirate’s mustache.

Measuring Game

Place an assortment of plastic spoons, bowls, cups and other kitchen items in the bathtub. While you slather soap on his skin, have him pour and measure water using his tools. Then, ask him which items float, which ones go down or which holds more water better, the bowl or the glass?

Name That Body Part

Use washable crayons or markers to outline the different parts of your toddler’s body. Point out the markers in his body and ask your toddler to name as many parts as he can. After naming a part, rinse it off with a soapy washcloth until no marker is left.

These bath time games will surely keep you and your toddler laughing, making bathing stress-free for the two of you. So do not be surprised if he wants to take a second, third or fourth bath just so he can play these games again.

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