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Summer Clothing Essentials For Toddlers

Like seasons, clothes also change. A person’s wardrobe should be able to adapt to the weather and a toddler’s clothing is no exception. Here is a list of summer clothing must-haves to keep every toddler boy and girl cool and comfy during sunny days.

Tank Tops

You will need a lot of these on hand especially during really hot days. Tank tops are very comfortable to wear 24/7, plus, they are really inexpensive, so buy lots of them.


This, of course, is a wardrobe staple no matter what the season is. The secret to keeping your toddler feeling and looking fresh during the summer months is to buy shirts made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a breathable fabric which allows air to reach your toddler’s body and sweat to evaporate rather than stick to the skin and cause irritation. Opt for light-colored shirts since dark colors absorb heat rather than reflect light which makes a person perspire more. Buy lots of shirts as well, they are very easy to mix and match.


Wearing pants during summer is just too itchy and hot. Skip jeans for now and instead, dress your little boy in shorts. Cargo shorts and denim shorts can be dressed up or down. Your toddler can match it with a tank top for a day at the park or match it with a cute, collared shirt if the family goes out for dinner.

Sundresses and Skirts

Keep your adorable little girl pretty and comfortable by dressing her in sundresses and skirts (matched with cotton tees). Save the tights and other froufrou clothes for winter. You can choose from a wide selection of colors and designs. Some dresses and skirts are sold as a set for mommies and little girls so you can be matchy matchy.


Of course, summer will not be complete without hitting the beach. Buy swimwear with built-in sun protection or UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) or rash guard shirts so your little one can enjoy playing in the water and building sand castles sans insect bites, itching and sunburn.


Wearing sandals keeps the feet cool and supported during the summer months. Go for strapped Velcro sandals. They are very flexible, allowing your toddler to run around freely.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are great especially when you are taking a trip to the beach. Your toddler will probably need more than two flip flops so stock up and get them in the cutest colors possible.

Sun Hat

Look for a sun hat that will shade not just your toddler’s pretty face but also the ears and the back of your toddler’s neck. A classic, wide-brimmed sun hat that ties under the chin is perfect. Go for a sun hat made of cotton in a tight weave as it is the coolest and provides the best protection.

Toddler Sunglasses

A good pair of toddler sunglasses will complete your toddler’s summer wardrobe. Look for one with wraparound lenses (to cover the eyes completely), a flexible frame and band for a comfortable and secure fit and one that offers 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays (to shield your toddler’s sensitive eyes).

Summertime means a lot of days spent outdoors. Stock up your toddler’s wardrobe with these summer clothing essentials to keep your precious one safe while he is having the time of his life.

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How to Choose Toddler Boy Clothes

Dressing your toddler is important not just to keep him healthy but to make him look good as well. For your little boy, you need to be careful when choosing his clothes as he can be messy and unruly. When shopping for toddler boy clothes, do not forget to follow these tips.

Be Cost Effective

Buying clothes for your little boy can be expensive since he can easily outgrow them in a short period of time. Since he is still in his first phase of development, it is best to buy clothes that are on sale. Second hand stores are greatly recommended for the first years of your toddler’s life. These shops allow you to buy trendy toddler boy clothes that cost half the price of clothes found in malls. Plus, you can scour great bargains on play clothes. Just do not forget to inspect the clothes’ condition. Check for possible damages and stains. Remember to wash the clothes thoroughly so they will come out looking good as new.

Choose According to Size

It is essential you understand the different sizes of toddler boy clothes. Do not just base your choice by merely looking at the recommended age label of clothes. Know your toddler’s height and weight. It is best to buy him clothes in a variety of sizes especially during his first years so he can still wear them even when he gets bigger and taller.

Go For Comfort

No matter how cute an outfit may be, if your toddler feels uneasy wearing it, both you and your little one will be unhappy. Go for quality little boy clothes that have elastic waistbands and are made from soft fabrics like cotton. Refrain buying clothes that feel itchy to avoid any skin irritation. When going shopping, always check the label first and touch the clothes with your hands. You will know which clothes are perfect when touching them feels like lying in a bed of feathers.

Prioritize Durability

Divide your toddler’s clothes into two groups – clothes for everyday use and clothes for dressy occasions. For his active wear or play clothes, you can buy him lots of plain colorful t-shirts, sweat pants, denims and shorts he could get dirty in. Choose play clothes made from strong fabrics so they can endure wear and tear and multiple washings. Buy them wholesale so you get a good discount. Polo’s, polo shirts, slacks, nice jeans and suits must only be used for formal occasions. With dressier clothes, you can spend more with designer labels as you can be sure he will use them for a long time.

In addition, see to it clothes are well made. Always inspect arm holes, buttons, trimmings and zippers to make sure that they are secure and will not come off with just a bit of pulling.

Keep It Modern

Select boy clothes that are modern. It is more sensible to choose outfits that easily match. Go for pieces in colors that can effortlessly go with just about any clothing. A matching t-shirt and shorts ensemble, khaki cargo shorts, blue and black pants, shirts with vintage prints will keep your toddler looking stylish.

Your toddler is wearing clothes 24/7. Allot ample time to pick the best materials and styles so you can make sure you give him quality clothes that fit him perfectly.

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Trendy Toddler Boy Clothes For Every Occasion

Shopping for your little boy’s clothes can give you a headache. As compared to buying clothes for girls, you are challenged with the limited choices presented in front of you. However, with the continuous production of modern clothing, buying toddler boy clothes has become easier. Now you can find a lot of trendy and unique clothes for your little boy.

Dressing your little boy requires more time and attention. His clothes have to adapt and adjust with him especially since his daily activities are composed of outdoor play and other physically demanding activities. Clothing for young gentlemen is designed to be functional, simpler and unique. Here are some ideas of trendy toddler boy clothes for your child that is suitable for any occasion.

Casual Wear

T-shirts and Tank Tops

For your little boy’s casual wear or day to day ensemble, wearing a sleeveless top or a t-shirt is perfect for him. These type of clothes have designs that are mostly patterned after the likes and interests of young boys such as animals, airplanes, cars, cartoon characters, superheroes and so on. These clothes are made from lightweight and cotton materials that are generally used during the summer season making them comfortable for everyday wear, can last multiple washings and can be easily cleaned. These are wear and tear clothes suitable for your energetic little boy.

Jeans and Shorts

These style of clothing is ideally for adult males but thanks to technology, they are now integrated and manufactured in little male versions. Cargo pants, denim, black pants, and short pants are perfectly paired with casual shirts and sleeveless wears. Again, these clothes are easy to clean, durable and can last through multiple usage and washing.

Formal Wear

Collared Shirts

When it comes to formal occasions, shifting from casual to formal wear always excites little boys. When the whole family goes to church, eats in restaurants or attends semi-formal gatherings, collared shirts are your toddler’s best friend. Collared shirts are available in a wide variety of colors and prints. These clothes are still comfortable to wear and will not easily wrinkle yet it gives your toddler a reserved appeal making him feel like a grown-up man.


For dressier occasions wherein the whole family is expected to be present (e.g. a wedding or formal birthday parties), wearing a suit is fitting. There are a lot of suits made to fit little boys. He can choose from different colors and styles and most likely, he will have a grand time choosing between a bow-tie and a necktie. It makes your toddler look more handsome and masculine.


When it comes to his night garments your toddler’s clothes consists of a one-piece sleepwear, jersey clothes or pajamas that come in different designs. Choose sleepwear designs he likes, say for example, his favorite Toy Story character.


Your toddler can choose between swimming trunks or board shorts. To make it more fun for him, allow him to pick out the color and design. Always select a swimwear that is made from high-quality materials to ensure your toddler’s sensitive skin.

Let your little boy tag along the next time you buy him trendy toddler clothes. This makes for a fun experience and is a great way to help you determine his likes and dislikes.

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