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How to Choose Toddler Boy Clothes

Dressing your toddler is important not just to keep him healthy but to make him look good as well. For your little boy, you need to be careful when choosing his clothes as he can be messy and unruly. When shopping for toddler boy clothes, do not forget to follow these tips.

Be Cost Effective

Buying clothes for your little boy can be expensive since he can easily outgrow them in a short period of time. Since he is still in his first phase of development, it is best to buy clothes that are on sale. Second hand stores are greatly recommended for the first years of your toddler’s life. These shops allow you to buy trendy toddler boy clothes that cost half the price of clothes found in malls. Plus, you can scour great bargains on play clothes. Just do not forget to inspect the clothes’ condition. Check for possible damages and stains. Remember to wash the clothes thoroughly so they will come out looking good as new.

Choose According to Size

It is essential you understand the different sizes of toddler boy clothes. Do not just base your choice by merely looking at the recommended age label of clothes. Know your toddler’s height and weight. It is best to buy him clothes in a variety of sizes especially during his first years so he can still wear them even when he gets bigger and taller.

Go For Comfort

No matter how cute an outfit may be, if your toddler feels uneasy wearing it, both you and your little one will be unhappy. Go for quality little boy clothes that have elastic waistbands and are made from soft fabrics like cotton. Refrain buying clothes that feel itchy to avoid any skin irritation. When going shopping, always check the label first and touch the clothes with your hands. You will know which clothes are perfect when touching them feels like lying in a bed of feathers.

Prioritize Durability

Divide your toddler’s clothes into two groups – clothes for everyday use and clothes for dressy occasions. For his active wear or play clothes, you can buy him lots of plain colorful t-shirts, sweat pants, denims and shorts he could get dirty in. Choose play clothes made from strong fabrics so they can endure wear and tear and multiple washings. Buy them wholesale so you get a good discount. Polo’s, polo shirts, slacks, nice jeans and suits must only be used for formal occasions. With dressier clothes, you can spend more with designer labels as you can be sure he will use them for a long time.

In addition, see to it clothes are well made. Always inspect arm holes, buttons, trimmings and zippers to make sure that they are secure and will not come off with just a bit of pulling.

Keep It Modern

Select boy clothes that are modern. It is more sensible to choose outfits that easily match. Go for pieces in colors that can effortlessly go with just about any clothing. A matching t-shirt and shorts ensemble, khaki cargo shorts, blue and black pants, shirts with vintage prints will keep your toddler looking stylish.

Your toddler is wearing clothes 24/7. Allot ample time to pick the best materials and styles so you can make sure you give him quality clothes that fit him perfectly.

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