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The Best Potty Training Books For Children

Potty training toddlers is probably one of the most challenging responsibilities of parents. Toilet training is an integral part of a toddler’s development. One way to make this possible and easier for you and your toddler is by reading about potty training. Here is a list of the best potty training books for children.

I Want My Potty by Tony Ross

This is a book to read to your toddler, especially if she is a girl. I Want My Potty is about a princess who encourages toddlers to use the potty because she is tired of wearing diapers. The little princess realizes that using the potty is the best way to free herself from the diapers through trial and error.

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

Taro Gomi’s book explains that all creatures - great or small (including young children) need to poop. It first illustrates how different animals make different kinds of poop and then shows toddlers how humans poop first in diapers and eventually in the toilet.

Time To Pee! by Mo Willems

Mo Willems is popular for his sense of humor and cool illustrations. Time To Pee! is a picture book that tackles going number one. Your little one can surely relate to this book because it explains how toddlers find the toilet terrifying so he offers a step by step toilet training guide that will teach your toddler a thing or two about using the potty while providing entertainment at the same time. It gives encouraging advice such as “Please don’t ignore it.” and “Don’t panic! Don’t fret!”. Plus, it gives reminders to flush, use toilet paper and wash hands.

What To Do With A Potty? by Marianne Borgardt

This one is a classic bestselling potty training book for children. This book is an interactive pop-up – perfect for introducing potty training to your little one. It features fun pops and pull-up tabs and stunning pictures making this book a priceless treasure in your toddler’s library.

My Big Boy Potty by Joanna Cole

This is a simple story that is easy for toddlers to comprehend yet very interesting. It is about a boy named Michael getting his first potty, learning how to use it and being triumphant in the end. It covers the essential information toddlers need when learning about and experiencing potty training. Plus, it also features a small section of valuable tips for parents at the end of the book.

Too Big For Diapers (Sesame Street) by Random House

Another popular potty training book for children is Random House’s Too Big For Diapers. It is a board book that is very short and simple, perfect for your toddler’s short attention span. The character – Baby Ernie is too big for diapers, hence he is ready to try out his brand-new potty. This book teaches toddlers that potty training is a process and may take a few tries before they can master it by themselves.

The Potty Train by David Hochman and Ruth Kennison

This potty training book is very entertaining. It has colorful pages and a very cute storyline. Your little conductor will want to jump aboard the potty train, bid diapers goodbye and get off at Underpants Station all while singing “Chugga-Chugga Poo Poo.”.

Potty by Leslie Patricelli

If you are searching for a sweet, straight to the point potty training book, this should be your top choice. Potty features adorable and clear images and few words. It allows you to make up your own stories. Plus, it is humorous without being gross – a book that your toddler will value as you read it over and over again.

Every so often, children need a dose of wit, direction and motivation to move the potty training process along. These potty training books for children could really make the task of teaching your little one how to use the potty quite simple.

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How to Resolve Common Potty Training Problems

Potty training toddlers can be a challenging task. Your little one’s incessant tantrum display, allergies and regression are just some of the problems that can stall your toddler’s potty training success. But, you need not worry for this is a common scenario parents go through with. Take heart, for there are solutions to these potty training dilemmas.

Your toddler may require more time to get used in using the toilet than other kids his age. It is common for you to encounter potty training problems when toilet training your little one. To help you successfully toilet train your toddler, refer to this guide.

Common Potty Training Problems And Its Solutions

Problem # 1: Your toddler will not use the toilet at all.

Solution: Your toddler’s transition from diaper to potty seat is a big change for him. Most often, the reason behind toddlers not wanting to use the toilet is because they are scared of it. At this point, your toddler’s imagination is at its peak, hence, the sight of a big, cold, tall and the eerie flush of the toilet bowl intimidates him. To combat this very basic problem, buy your toddler his own potty chair. Let him choose the color, style and design he likes. This age-appropriate tool allows him to adjust comfortably. Let your toddler practice sitting on it fully clothed at least three times a day (in the morning, mid-afternoon and before bed time). Once he gets the hang of it, let him practice sitting on his potty chair without his pants and underwear.

Problem # 2: You bought him his own potty chair but is still defiant to use it.

Solution: If your toddler still does not want to use his potty chair at all, then maybe he is not yet ready. Figure out why he feels anxious using it. Talk to your toddler calmly. Maybe you have put too much pressure on him, the potty chair is too high for him or he does not like to be left alone while he is using it. Once you have identified the root, make some necessary changes to soothe his fears and try potty training him once again.

Problem # 3: Your toddler only wants to go potty with a certain individual.

Solution: If your little one does not want to go potty without your company, you need to train him. Talk to your toddler about it in a gentle manner. Assure him that even if another person is accompanying him, he remains safe and that everything is okay. Or, you can also incorporate fun activities during potty time. Allocate some of his favorite story books as potty books so other family members can read to him. A potty tune will also make it easier for your toddler to not depend on anyone.

Problem # 4: He was using his potty chair perfectly and is now having difficulty again.

Solution: This is known as potty training regression. There are a lot of factors that can cause this set-back. Maybe your toddler feels stressed, exhausted or a particular incident is disturbing him. Just continue with his training and reassure him that things are okay. Be consistent and keep things as normal as possible. Or, he might be having bowel movement complications, diarrhea or constipation for instance. If you cannot determine the root of his discomfort, consult his doctor for professional advice.

Problem # 5: Your toddler does not tell you when he needs to use his potty chair.

Solution: If he does not make it on time because he informs you late, train your toddler by using a hand signal or saying a certain word to signal you beforehand. Raising of the hands or saying the word potty are good communication indicators.

Problem # 6: It takes too long to potty train your toddler.

Solution: The length of time needed to potty train your toddler depends on his development. Generally, it only takes three to five months to potty train children. But, in some cases toilet training can last 6 to 15 months more. To help him out, always nurture your child with encouraging words. Praise him each time he successfully does his potty training. Reward him after a week of using his potty chair. If in case he misses, never scold your little one. Do not hover around. Instead, give your toddler ample time to adjust on his own pace. Most likely, he will perfect his potty training in no time.

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Tips On Potty Training Your Toddler

Have you finally decided for your toddler to make the big switch from diapers to potty training? If yes, then you should prepare yourself. Potty training can be a tedious task especially if your toddler is having a hard time getting used to it. But, the good news is that there are various techniques to help make the transition easier for you and your toddler .

Training your toddler to use the potty requires patience and a lot of time. Remember, this is a big switch for your little one so rushing will only add more complication. To ease your burdens, here is a round-up of the most effective tips on potty training shared by moms all over the world.

How to Successfully Potty Train Your Toddler

Recognize His Potty Training Readiness

Exerting force will only backfire. Never pressure your toddler to start potty training. Instead, you first have to identify whether or not your little tot is ready to begin the potty training process. If he knows how to dress himself, wash his hands, can run, walk and sit down on his own, then he is ready. Watch out for signs like – expressing too much curiosity with the toilet, asks a lot of questions about peeing and pooping or wants to tag along each time you go to the bathroom. From there, you can start making your potty training chart.

Let Him Make Decisions

Your toddler likes to exercise his independence and freedom. To make him feel he is still in control, allow him to choose his preferred potty or toilet seat. Let him choose the design, style and color of his potty seat. Also, encourage your toddler to inform you each time he needs to go to the bathroom. Exercise patience and do not get angry if he has to pee every now and then.

Practice Toilet Seating

Since he is used to wearing a diaper, he might be wary in using the toilet. To help ease his anxiety, let your toddler sit on the toilet at regular periods of the day – after he wakes up, in the middle of the day and before his bed time. Assist your toddler in placing his seat. Sit him on the toilet with his clothes on at first. After a while, practice sitting him on the toilet without his clothes. Allow him to get comfortable with his toilet seat.

Make It Fun

A very effective tip to potty train your toddler is to incorporate fun activities. Go to the bookstore and let your toddler select three of his favorite books that can serve as his potty books. You and your toddler can only read them during his potty time. A potty song you can sing together can also help make potty training easier for the both of you. You may also make up stories during potty time. Or, why not stick a colorful chart in the wall and have him place a sticker to it each time he uses the potty. These creative activities make him at ease and will make the transition easier.

Summer Step-by-Step Potty Trainer and Step Stool

Never Scold Your Toddler

If in case he did not reach the bathroom in time and he soils his pants, never reprimand your toddler. This will only embarrass him or make him scared which only makes things worse. Soothe your toddler. Assure him that it normally happens to children. Encourage him to do better next time.

Reward Him

For every triumph of your toddler, always give positive reinforcement. Supporting words and praises boosts his confidence and assures him of a job well done. Each week he accomplishes his potty training, reward him with his favorite toy, food or smoothie. Go out. Watch a movie together. Visit the amusement park. These rewards encourage him to do better next time.

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