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Tips On Potty Training Your Toddler

Have you finally decided for your toddler to make the big switch from diapers to potty training? If yes, then you should prepare yourself. Potty training can be a tedious task especially if your toddler is having a hard time getting used to it. But, the good news is that there are various techniques to help make the transition easier for you and your toddler .

Training your toddler to use the potty requires patience and a lot of time. Remember, this is a big switch for your little one so rushing will only add more complication. To ease your burdens, here is a round-up of the most effective tips on potty training shared by moms all over the world.

How to Successfully Potty Train Your Toddler

Recognize His Potty Training Readiness

Exerting force will only backfire. Never pressure your toddler to start potty training. Instead, you first have to identify whether or not your little tot is ready to begin the potty training process. If he knows how to dress himself, wash his hands, can run, walk and sit down on his own, then he is ready. Watch out for signs like – expressing too much curiosity with the toilet, asks a lot of questions about peeing and pooping or wants to tag along each time you go to the bathroom. From there, you can start making your potty training chart.

Let Him Make Decisions

Your toddler likes to exercise his independence and freedom. To make him feel he is still in control, allow him to choose his preferred potty or toilet seat. Let him choose the design, style and color of his potty seat. Also, encourage your toddler to inform you each time he needs to go to the bathroom. Exercise patience and do not get angry if he has to pee every now and then.

Practice Toilet Seating

Since he is used to wearing a diaper, he might be wary in using the toilet. To help ease his anxiety, let your toddler sit on the toilet at regular periods of the day – after he wakes up, in the middle of the day and before his bed time. Assist your toddler in placing his seat. Sit him on the toilet with his clothes on at first. After a while, practice sitting him on the toilet without his clothes. Allow him to get comfortable with his toilet seat.

Make It Fun

A very effective tip to potty train your toddler is to incorporate fun activities. Go to the bookstore and let your toddler select three of his favorite books that can serve as his potty books. You and your toddler can only read them during his potty time. A potty song you can sing together can also help make potty training easier for the both of you. You may also make up stories during potty time. Or, why not stick a colorful chart in the wall and have him place a sticker to it each time he uses the potty. These creative activities make him at ease and will make the transition easier.

Summer Step-by-Step Potty Trainer and Step Stool

Never Scold Your Toddler

If in case he did not reach the bathroom in time and he soils his pants, never reprimand your toddler. This will only embarrass him or make him scared which only makes things worse. Soothe your toddler. Assure him that it normally happens to children. Encourage him to do better next time.

Reward Him

For every triumph of your toddler, always give positive reinforcement. Supporting words and praises boosts his confidence and assures him of a job well done. Each week he accomplishes his potty training, reward him with his favorite toy, food or smoothie. Go out. Watch a movie together. Visit the amusement park. These rewards encourage him to do better next time.

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