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The Basics of Babysitting Jobs

Babysitting is a huge responsibility. Hiring a good babysitter is a bigger obligation in ensuring a toddler’s welfare. Therefore, it is important that both the parents and the babysitter recognize how babysitting jobs work.

Qualifications of A Babysitter

  • A babysitter must be at least 18 years old.
  • Has a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certificate.
  • Is capable of working between 5 to 7 in the evening or basically until the parents come home again.
  • Can work on weekends if necessary.
  • Knows basic child care skills – cooking, feeding, bathing, tooth brushing and other bed time rituals

A Babysitter’s Obligations

Take Care of Children

A babysitter’s primary job is to watch over a family’s children for a few hours. Each babysitter’s task is different depending on the age of a child, his needs and the parenting style of parents. For infants, a sitter needs to change diapers, feed, let the baby burp, carry the baby, wash baby bottles, put the infant to sleep and watch over the baby. For toddlers and preschoolers, responsibilities include – driving a toddler to his swimming practice, grocery shopping, making dinner, helping a toddler with his homework, fixing him a snack and putting him to sleep.

Keep Toddlers Safe

Parents assign their children to babysitters because they know they can trust them with their child’s welfare. A babysitter must know general rules like – not letting strangers in, checking the windows before opening the front door, making sure the doors are securely locked and performing basic first aid. A sitter must also have a list of emergency numbers handy such as the parents’ and the relatives cell phone numbers, 911, hospital, fire department and Poison Control Center.

Knowing how to perform proper CPR is also a prerequisite especially when a toddler is unconscious or is having an asthma attack. The ambulance can take quite some time so wasting a single minute is not an option.

Follow Particular Requests of Parents

Parents can be finicky with rules especially when it involves their child. Some parents may require a babysitter to follow through the family’s bedtime routine. Hence, it is essential that the sitter should have convincing skills to persuade a child to go to bed and stay in bed. Or, they may ask a sitter to come up with a daily plan that layouts a babysitter’s activities for their little one. For a toddler needing special attention, it is a must that the babysitter is capable of helping their child with his physical disability.

Know How to Manage Time and Multi-task

Caring for toddlers is never an easy task. With a ravenous energy and a never ending thirst for action, babysitter’s often get stressed out. Thus, a good babysitter must be able to manage complicated obligations. A sitter needs to balance cooking a toddler’s meal while keeping the young one entertained.

A Babysitter’s Limitations

No Physical and Emotional Abuse

Toddlers are prone to misbehaving. At times like this, staying calm is the best solution for both parties. A sitter should never scold and shout. Spanking and hitting are a big no-no. The best way to reprimand a toddler is by talking in a cool and firm manner. Giving a time-out is also effective. Behavioral issues must be addressed to the parents so they can give proper disciplinary measures.

No House Visits

Most often, toddlers are put at risk because babysitter’s invite friends to come over the house without the parents consent. This is a sign of unprofessionalism. Plus, it puts the child’s well-being in danger.

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