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Why Toddler Activities Are Important

Toddlers thrive best when at play. It is their perfect opportunity to learn something new and to form lasting relationships. Hence, toddler activities can make or break a child. At a young age, it is imperative to let toddlers experience fun and excitement so they can make sense of the world around them.

Its Significance to Toddlers

It Gives Toddlers A Happy Disposition

A toddler that runs around the house wearing a cape pretending to be Superman shows the genuine happiness that play brings to him. Toddlers are at their happiest when they are doing worthwhile activities. These activities are a clear sign that these children remember a feeling of pure joy which is very important in honing their development, personality and outlook in life.

It Keeps Toddlers Healthy

Toddler activities require body movement. The more physical activity young ones do the better. With constant exercise, their physique becomes healthier. In addition, studies have proven that increased physical activity in toddlers result to an increase in life expectancy which generally decreases chances of ailments to enter the body. Enhanced play helps a toddler’s body in:

  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Minimizing the threat of diabetes and cancer
  • Controlling weight gain
  • Raising HDL or good cholesterol
  • Improving emotional welfare (an enhanced self-esteem and a positive mind setting)

It Boosts Language Development

Toddler activities like reading storybooks, singing nursery rhymes and interactive songs, guessing games and storytelling wherein toddlers repeat after their parents repeat helps toddlers learn how to talk and use basic words appropriately. The earlier they are exposed to such, the better they can function in the society. Knowing simple words is an advantage especially when toddlers are around strangers, they no longer have to throw a fit to catch people’s attention. They can just simply tell the person what they want.

It Makes Toddlers Inquisitive

Children are naturally curious and are born explorers. Hide and seek and treasure hunting are good games where toddlers can look in, under and around their surroundings. The fascination they feel encourages them to explore outside of their comfort zone. It raises their consciousness of the environment and it teaches them that a world is a vast, fun and diverse place.

It Assists Toddlers Cognitive Development

Play teaches toddlers different concepts which are essential in developing their intellectual ability. Sorting activities like putting animals that fly in a single box and animals that live in land in another helps a toddler’s brain distinguish similarities and differences. Classifying food by size, color, and shape helps them match objects by category which teaches them unison and reasoning.

It Encourages Creativity

Building blocks help a toddler’s mind conceptualize an image in his mind or follow a picture in order to create a figure. Unstructured toddler activities educate them to come up with something unique. It helps them develop their sense of self and realize their own personal artistic tastes. Tools like crayons, paint, drawing books, art papers, sticks and toy workbench tools encourages toddlers to form new ideas in order to craft something amazing. Plus, it also increases their focus and motor skills.

It Provides Social Exposure

It is easy for toddlers to make friends when they are at play. Toddler activities facilitate interaction with other kids which boosts their ethical skills. It trains toddlers how to lead, follow, work independently and as a team, participate, plan, take turns, share and accept winning or losing.

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