Toddler Finger Food Ideas Your Child Will Love

Toddlers always like keeping their hands busy. Whether at play or at rest, they just love tinkering with things. If you are having a hard time letting your toddler eat healthy, why not make him finger food meals? Take advantage of his hands. Once he sees he can easily pick up his food from his plate sans fussy utensils, he will be more than willing to gobble up and clean his plate.

Most often, your toddler is too consumed with his activities or he just simply do not have the dexterity to eat. Toddler finger food is an excellent way to provide your little one with nutritious food selections without slowing him down. Here are some ideas of the best toddler finger foods he will surely love.

Cheese and Crackers

Something sweet, something crunchy – these two factors entice a toddler to eat his food. Finger foods like cheese and crackers are simple to eat yet are very healthy for his body. Grate cheese or slice it into strips. Cheese contain milk that gives off calcium that helps strengthen teeth and bones. Crackers are carbohydrate and fiber rich foods. They are natural, contains no food additives and are great energy boosters. Spread a little peanut butter or his favorite jam to the crackers to make biscuits tastier.


Whole-grain cereals contain lots of vitamins and minerals that fortify a weak immune system. Colorful cereals are also very pleasing to your toddler’s eyes and he can simply grab a spoonful of it. Just see to it you stick to dried cereals like oatmeal or cornflakes since some cereals contain preservatives and are made from artificial food products. Best cereals for your tiny one include – Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Life, and Kix.


Another finger food favorite of toddlers, sandwiches are fun and easy to eat. You can add easy spreadable fillings like plain cheese or peanut butter and jelly. Another great idea is to fill breads and buns with ham and cheese or chicken with mayonnaise and a few slices of lettuce, and tomatoes. Just be sure to cut the crusts off and slice it into tiny pieces. To make it more exciting, use cookie cutters with different designs. He will truly have the best time eating his sandwich in a circular, rectangular, Christmas tree shape and so on.

Fruits and Vegetables

Banish your fruit and veggie battles by cutting vegetables and fruits into small pieces. Carrots, beans, broccoli, sweet potatoes, peas, apple and orange are popular finger foods. Add a little salt to make the vegetables appetizing and cream to make fruits sweeter. Or, you can put all of them in a bowl and make a salad. The vibrant color will attract your toddler’s eyes. Plus, he gets to intake the right amount of protein, vitamin B, iron and potassium without him knowing it.

Grilled Chicken Lollipops

If your toddler likes to eat fried chicken, grilled chicken lollipops are a better alternative. Grilled chicken are tastier and healthier. Make it into grilled chicken balls or lollipops so he can easily grab them and eat them with delight. You can also add your very own organic homemade sauce or ketchup for his dip.


Fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acid which is imperative to your toddler’s heart. Always include fish in his diet. Prepare crispy fish shaped into balls or into triangles. You can choose to oven-bake or grill it. Serve it with his favorite dip and fruit juice to complete his meal.

Finger foods are easy, appetizing bites. Plus, toddler finger foods are an effective solution to ensure your toddler gets all the nourishment he needs for his developing body.

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