Nourish Your Child With Toddler Drinks

While healthy foods keep toddlers in tiptop condition, healthy drinks are also very essential. Combining the two makes a toddler fit, helping him optimize his growth. But, not all drinks are nutritious to toddlers. Some of them lack what a toddler’s body requires for proper development. Thus, the need to be choosy when selecting the right drinks is imperative.

How can you tell which toddler drinks give ample vitamins and nutrients to your little one’s developing body? Evaluating nutrition labels might help but it can confuse you. Having a handy drink reference is more practical. Here is a guide to help you select which drinks are healthy and unhealthy for your child.

Healthy Toddler Drinks

Beverages Your Toddler Must Always Take


Water is the most basic and the best beverage for your toddler. It plays a very important role – to make each of his body part function well. With all the physical activities your little one does on a day to day basis, drinking at least 10 to 20 glasses of water will keep him hydrated. Also, water makes his muscles work efficiently and lubricates his joints. Since it is an all-natural drink, it has no additives and contains fluoride which keeps cavities away.

If your toddler finds water too dull and bland, try serving a cold glass of water filled with ice cubes. You can also add a couple slices of lemon or any citrusy fruits to make water taste yummier. Or, you can get him a cup with a design of his favorite cartoon character. The vibrant color of the cup will make him interested to try out what is inside it.


Your toddler also needs a healthy dose of calcium, and milk is the number one toddler drink to give this nutrient. Milk has vitamin D which strongly builds teeth and bones. In addition, this toddler drink has age-appropriate vitamins and minerals that can completely nourish his overall development.

However, too much intake of milk can also cause side effects. For your little one, two to three daily servings of this dairy product is recommended. Anything more than that can slow down his appetite.

100% Real Fruit Juice

Contrary to popular belief that juice can make toddlers overweight, real fruit juices are actually a very good source of vitamin C which is essential in replenishing your child’s energy. Just make sure these juices are not made from artificial flavorings. Orange, apple, grapes, strawberry and mango fruit juices are good sources of vitamin B6, iron, magnesium and potassium, which helps strengthen his immune system. Let him drink his favorite fruit juice in a small cup at least once a day.

Beverages Your Toddler Must Take In Moderation


Sodas contain a small serving of caffeine and refined sugar. While these beverages can cause tooth decay or increase your toddler’s sugar level, drinking sodas with restraint can be beneficial in boosting your toddler’s energy level especially when dehydrated. Since sweet drinks cannot be completely avoided, only let your toddler drink sodas if there is a special occasion, as his small treat for eating healthy for a whole week or during the family’s weekly DVD marathon.

Fruit Shakes

A friendlier alternative to sodas, fruit shakes are a much better beverage for satisfying your toddler’s sweet tooth. While it does contain milk and a small amount of sugar, the fruits used are all-natural which can supply nutrients to his body. Combine two kinds of fruit together, say a banana-mango or strawberry-apple fruit shake for a healthier drink.

Anything taken in moderation is safe. Let your toddler drink different kinds of child-friendly beverages to ensure he gets all the proper supplement he needs for his development.

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