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Toddler Haircut - How to Stop The Hysterics

A toddler haircut is one significant milestone of growth. But, no matter how exciting parents may feel about it, for toddlers, the first haircut can be scary and traumatic. Here are a few things that may make it a more successful experience.

Do Not Use The “Cut” Word

In reality, a toddler haircut is different from an actual haircut. It is more of a “trim”. Change your terminology so instead of saying “haircut” use the word “hair trim” or “fix-up”. Children associate the word “cut” with pain so hearing you say it will most likely make your toddler frantic especially if he has been cut before.

Bring Him to A Salon

Bring your toddler the next time you, your husband or his older sibling gets a haircut. In this way, your little one gets to see how it is done. Do not forget to smile while having your hair cut and rave about how you like your new hairstyle. Once your toddler sees your enthusiasm, his outlook will definitely change.

Make Sure He Is In A Good Mood

Toddlers are unpredictable so see to it your toddler is in a pleasant disposition. The best time to have his hair cut? In the morning or after his afternoon nap. A sleepy and grumpy toddler will have no interest in having a stranger arrange his hair. Dress your toddler in comfortable clothes. Go for a simple, pastel-colored cotton tank and shorts or pants. Lightweight clothes will help your baby feel relaxed and avoid those itchy hair trimmings.

Grab a meal first. Make sure you go to the salon with a happy and satisfied tummy. Give him a snack on your way to the salon. Offer a filling, healthy meal of foods your little one enjoys so that no tummy grumbling ensues at the salon.

Go With The Pros

Look for salons in your area that caters to children. Go for a salon with an attractive and bright ambiance. Some salons have chairs shaped like a car or an animal with a motor and horn or those that emit music. Hairdressers garbed in colorful uniforms amuse children which is very effective in keeping the tears at bay.

Provide A Distraction

Take something with you to divert your toddler’s attention. A lollipop, cookie, toy, books with flaps or a portable DVD player playing his favorite superhero movie will keep him glued in. Once your toddler’s thoughts are occupied, the stylist can quickly trim the edges and you will be out of there in no time.


Have someone else take him to the salon - his aunt, uncle or babysitter perhaps. If all else fails, do the trimming on your own. Do it at home during his nap time, while taking a bath or while he is playing outside. Just make sure you cut his hair while he is unconscious.

Give Him A Treat

Rewards always get a toddler excited. Sweeten the deal by informing your toddler that if he behaves while having his hair cut, he will get a reward.

A toddler haircut is indeed a difficult activity parents and children have to deal with. But with patience, a little prodding and advance planning, you can save the stylist, your baby and yourself unneeded stress and tension.

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