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Parents Guide to Bathing A Toddler

Bathing a toddler is fun, it is like a movie filled with action, drama, laughter and suspense. Keep the following tips in mind to keep your little one happy and safe while he gets squeaky clean.

Schedule Bathing Time

Having a fixed bath time makes a difference. Most parents prefer morning baths as it can be the perfect way to jump-start their toddler’s day. Some opt for night baths to help their toddler relax for a good night’s sleep. There is no right or wrong time of day, just set a time your toddler is most comfortable with.

Never Leave A Toddler Unattended

The most important rule when it comes to toddler bathing is to never leave your toddler unsupervised, even for one second. There are a lot of elements that can harm your precious one – water, soap, slippery floor and the likes. Gather all of his bathing supplies beforehand. And if you must take your eyes off your child to answer the doorbell, scoop your toddler up in a towel and bring him with you.

Exercise Water Safety

Do not put your toddler in the tub when the water is still running. Fill the tub with about 3 inches of water. The level of water in the tub should be waist high when in a sitting position. Make sure the water is tepid (between 37 to 39 degrees Celsius), not hot. Test the water by using your elbow to check water temperature. Better yet, use a thermometer so you can get an accurate reading of the bath water. Put cold water in the tub first followed by hot water. Make sure you mix the water to ensure that there are no hot areas. Most importantly, keep electric appliances away from the tub.

Utilize Baby Safety Products For Bathing

Bathtubs tend to be slippery so prevent any accidents from happening by placing rubber bath mats. Also, attach cushioned spout covers to faucets to safeguard your toddler’s head from painful bumps. Use a bath ring suction-cup at the bottom of the tub to give you extra assistance.

Avoid Using Strong Bath Products

Yes, bubble baths make bath time more fun. However, they may cause urinary tract infection and rashes so it is best to use them sparingly. If you must give a bubble bath, see to it that the tub is not full of soapy water and make him pee after bathing to empty his bladder of any bacteria. Soaps and shampoos that contain harmful ingredients must also be completely avoided. They can strip off the natural moisture of your toddler’s skin which can cause dryness and irritation. Go for organic bathing products, no-tears products or those that are mild and formulated for toddlers with sensitive skin instead.

Have Fun

Lastly, never forget to enjoy. Bathing should be a happy time for your toddler. Use bath toys such as rubber ducks, foam animals, beach pails, toy shovels and boats to keep your little one entertained. Play games. Talk. Sing together. Make bathing an opportunity to bond with your child.

Get creative and make bath time a pleasurable experience that will generate joyful squeals and giggles not only from your toddler but from you as well!

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